Count no of strings in a string

dim ref as string ="<a href=""/iyp/yp/"
hi i would like to know something how do i count the number of ref in a html document??you see i have another string call htmldoc(it contains a html document of a web page) and i want to extract all the ref in htmldoc how do i do that?

2) How do i include a closed inverted comma in a string??
dim a as string = "abcde"fghijk"""
How do i use the mid method to seacrh from " ??
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1) You should learn about Regular Expressions

2) Double the quotes: "abcde""fghijk" to include them in a string literal. I don't know what an "inverted comma"is, though.
Does this help?
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how do i convert this c sharp code to aspx 

// Create a new Regex object.
Regex r = new Regex(txtPattern.Text);
Match m = r.Match(rtDisplay.Text);
//rtMatch.AppendText("Found match at position " + m.Index+"\n");

11/17/2003 5:44:25 AM
What do you mean convert it to aspx? You could use that code in an ASP.NET application as is.

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