Converting string to 2 digit decimal number

 Hi all,

My question is how to convert a string like 80.00 to a number with 2 decimal digits. I've tried many solutions such as formating the string and then converting the string to double but it doesn't work, still shows as 80.0. Can anyone help me with that?


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 For display purposes you can use string.format. I'm assuming this is currency related variable.

decimal moneyValue = 80.0m;
string displayValue = String.Format("Total: {0:C}", moneyValue);
10/30/2008 2:15:14 PM

 What I meant was converting string to decimal not the other way round. I have a string like "80.00" and I want to convert it to decimal number with exactly 2 digits floating points like 80.00

10/30/2008 2:20:00 PM

If you are planning on using this double variable for further calculations. You will get the same result with .xx vs .x

But if you are planning on displaying this variable, you will need convert it back to string and then you can use string.format

Please let us know what you are planning on doing with this double variable? Display? Re-use it? etc   

10/30/2008 2:41:36 PM

 Got what you mean and resolved the problem.

Thank you 

10/30/2008 3:10:08 PM

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