converting a string to number or integer

erm... how is this done in c#? 

or convert an object to and number or integer?
I need to get the below as a number or int:

TotalRecords = conSelProdCount.ExecuteScalar().ToString();

So i can use it in:

ProductItem[] arrNews = new ProductItem[TotalRecords];
int rwcnt = 0;
while ( dtrProducts.Read())
string NewVar = dtrProducts["ProductName"].ToString();
arrNews[rwcnt] = new ProductItem();
arrNews[rwcnt].rowcount = @TotalRecords;
arrNews[rwcnt].ProductName = dtrProducts["ProductName"].ToString();
rwcnt += 1;

return arrNews;

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Why do you convert conSelProdCount.ExecuteScalar() to a string? I guess the database result is an integer. So just put the result in a integer variable and work directly with it.
Not sure if syntax is correct, I don't really know the syntax of C#.

Int TotalRecords = conSelProdCount.ExecuteScalar();

Michael Gysin

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10/2/2003 7:42:19 AM
You might try parse for converting.

int TotalRecordsInt = int.Parse(TotalRecords);
int TotalRecordsInt = int.Parse(conSelProdCount.ExecuteScalar());
Mike Hofstede


10/2/2003 8:29:14 AM

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