convert to string #2

i want to convert to string an integer value which i'm receving from database, in an SqlDataReader, how to do this?

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 you can use the toString() function.. for e.g. objreader["columnname"].toString()


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2/28/2009 8:22:52 AM


i want to convert to string an integer value which i'm receving from database, in an SqlDataReader, how to do this?



If you mean to say that you want the integer value coming from the database through sql datareader in string format, then you can try like this:

  string var = (rdr["database_value"]).ToString();


If I am wrong then please let me know....



sneha Smile

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Hi try this way


string name = reader["colmn name"].tostring();


string name = (string)cmd.exectureNonQuery();

Hope it helps

Best Regards

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No, u r absolutely right, such an amazing answer, worked at one go......... Party!!!

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 SqlDataReader sdr=cmd.ExecuteReader(......)


  sdr["your_column_name"].ToString()  //conversion of column value to string.


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2/28/2009 9:08:23 AM


number to Varchar 

select to_char(1) from dual;


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