convert to integer without rounding a number

Hallo,i have a simple question:
Lets say i have a decimal, 1.7 for eg and i want to convert it to integer,but WITHOUT ROUNDING THE NUMBER.
So i tryed many different aproaches to do this but all failed, just the example below.
I get a integer 2 instead of 1 so that means the number is rounded.
If somebody knows how to do the same thing but without rounding the number please let me know

Sub Page_load()
           Dim d As Double
           d = 1.7
           Dim i As String
           i = Convert.ToInt32(d)
           Response.Write("Integer value is" & i)
       End Sub

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Use Math.Floor() on your double.


Dim d As Double = 1.7
Dim i As Integer = CInt( Math.Floor( d ) )

This will return the value of 1.


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