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I am trying to convert some Java code to .net.  There is a function in java Character.getNumericValue("Take a character") and it spits out a number.  It does not look like the ascii number.  I read the documentation and it said  "This method returns the Unicode numeric value of the character as a nonnegative integer"

So an A is 10, B is 11 and so on and Z is 35.

How do I do that in   I really need this for my program but I am not able to get the right function.

Thank you



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I don't believe you got this down.

Char.getnumericvalue is the same exact function, however, it takes a Unicode "numeric" value, not "a", "b", "c". a b c returns -1.0


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Try this..  

Dim c As Integer = CInt("A"C) 
' can also use the Convert class 
Dim d As Integer = Convert.ToInt32("A"C) 

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