Controlling ascx page in aspx page

Hi all,

Im totally new in and i have a few questions.
I have several page's and on each page i use a header.ascx to display the header on each aspx page.
How can i control for example a label (lblCustom.text, lblCustom.visible) wich is placed in my ascx file with code in my aspx page ??
My second question??
I want to email some information to several people in my web application.
The problem is the content of the email is not displayed very nice, for example
password: ...................abcdfdf
Address: .....teststreet
(the dots are spaces)
how can I manage that everything is displayed nice for example:
username:......... test
password:......... abcdfdf
Address:........... teststreet
Thanks in Advance,
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an ascx file is considered a control. 

controls are manipulated via their properties.
add public properties to the control that the page can manipulate to set internal vars inside the control. the control reads its internal vars to perform its rendering.
Mike Banavige

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11/13/2004 2:56:46 PM
Hi Oss,

For you to be able to manipulate a child control inside a user control, you should declared it public. And in your web forms code behind, declare the user control as
protected WebUserControl1 uc1;
then you can access the label control as
One thing to remember is, the identifier of the user control (uc1 in this case) should be the same as the id of this user control in the html tag. Otherwise, it would throw a runtime error, saying object is not initialized
Good Luck

Kumar Reddi
11/13/2004 3:01:26 PM
Thx for you fast reply...

I' am sorry for asking but can you pls give me an example how to manage this ?
11/13/2004 3:11:33 PM
Maybe it talks better if i put some code:

my ascx file named header.ascx:

<script runat="server">
Public blVisible as Boolean '' boolean to control lblCustom.visible
Public strMessage as string '' string to control lblCustom.text

<asp:label id=lblCustom runat="server" ></asp:label>
etc etc etc

my aspx file:

<%@ import Namespace="System.Web.Security" %>
<%@ Page Language="vb" debug="true" %>
<%@ import Namespace="System.Data.OleDB"%>
<%@ import Namespace="System.Data"%>
<%@ import Namespace="Control.ControlUsers"%>
<%@register TagPrefix="test" TagName="Header" src="Header.ascx" %>
<%@register TagPrefix="test" TagName="Menu" src="Menu.ascx" %>
<script runat="server">

Sub Login(Byval obj As Object,Byval e As EventArgs)
dim objUser As new Control.User
dim objSB As new Control.Products
dim intID As integer

intID = objUser.Login(tbUsername.text,tbPassword.Text)
if intID <> 0 then
Session("UserID") = intID
'Here i have to code something so i can control lblCustom in my headerfile
'check if user has a cart
if not objSB.CartExists(intID) then
end if

lblMessage.text = "<font color=red> Geen geldig login of wachtwoord</font>"
end if
end sub
<body bgColor="lightskyblue">
<table height="100%" cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0" width="100%">
<test:HEADER id="Header1" runat="server"></test:HEADER>
<test:MENU id="Menu1" runat="server"></test:MENU>
''etc ...etc...

So pls can you help me ?
11/13/2004 4:11:10 PM
In your Page_Load declare a reference for HEADER

protected HEADER Header1;

Now in the place where you have to modify the text of the label
Header1.lblCustom.Text = "whatever You want"
Thats all you have to do
Kumar Reddi
11/13/2004 4:36:34 PM
Hi Kumar,

Thanks for your help.
I understand what you mean but somehow i can't get it to work.
I receice the error:
BC30205: End of statement expected.
in my Page_load
Protected HEADER Header1;
This thing really drives me crazy, must be something small but can't figure it out..
Any idea's ??
11/14/2004 12:45:18 PM
Oops. My bad. First of all I thought its C#, then I told you do declare it in Page_Load. I wasnt thinking when I said that.

You should put it outside the Page_Load, where you actually declare the class level variables.
Protected Header1 as HEADER
Sorry for the confusion
Good Luck
Kumar Reddi
11/14/2004 3:36:05 PM
Thx for your help !!

Any idea's for the email issue ?
11/15/2004 8:55:01 PM

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