changing the src of an iframe with server side Code

Hey folks, 

I'm trying to load up a .aspx page into an Iframe called 'preview'. I know you can't just specify a target with the code behind of I found a few posts elsewhere saying to use document.write(<javascript....). I gave that a try and it does absolutely nothing at all.
What i'm tryign to do is to load a page into the Iframe where I have passed it dynamic values as a query string. I tried using session variables to accomplish this...and to some extent it works...but over all it really didnt' work that well. So i'm back to where I started...still trying to figure out how to direct a .aspx page to open up in an Iframe imbedded in my main page.
can some one please help?!? I'm not the best as this coding thing, so explicit instructions are a plus.
Thanks so much for your help....
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