Can i run an EXE on server side to be displayed on client side?

I have made an animation in VB(file.exe), its a bit like a screen buddy that walks about the screen. I can call it from ASP. 

Dim WshShell
set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\file.exe"
set WshShell= nothing
where the file.exe is on my desktop.
Does the client side see the animation? If not is there any way for the client to see this? I understand there are security issues here, but i only want this screen buddy to be displayed on their browser or screen. Java isn't an option as i don't have time to learn it and neither Activex. I could do it in flash as i may well, but the 3d'ness of the animation seems to be lost a bit when making a flash movie of it.
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I can update that asp code to ASP.Net code, which is what i meant to do, hence this is in the .NET forum.
11/3/2004 8:02:11 PM
I'm pretty sure the client won't see the animation. By running the animation from your server-side code, it's only going to be running on your server. The security issues you mentioned are going to prevent you from running an executable through the client's browser. You might be able to have the client download the file and use javascript to run it, but I'm not sure that will even be possible due to security settings. I know you mentioned not having the time to learn new techniques, but you can learn quite a bit of about javascript in just a few days. It's pretty easy. Otherwise, the Flash animation is probably going to be your best bet.
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