C++.Net vs C#

Hi there, 

I am going to write a Windows desktop image/document processing application (Windows Form), which will be processing and I/O intensive. I was told that C++.Net will be much faster than C#. Also, in Visual Studio 2008, C++.Net can be compiled to Windows native code!

I'd like to hear some of your great inputs on this.



4/21/2008 6:42:48 PM
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I don't have a tremendous amount of input on this except to say that you should do a lot of research before you make a decision.  I was under the impression however that since C++ compiles to IL just like C#, any speed gains would be very marginal.  For a trully intense image processing application you might want to write the more intensive parts of it in  a functional langauge (I've been loving F# lately), and test and maintain those parts as seperate libraries.  Check out what the guys at Paint.NET (http://www.getpaint.net/) did, I believe it's mostly in C#.
4/21/2008 7:03:48 PM

native code is not that good u should compile for each platform

u can't use C++ for the Web , Silverlight and WPF

C++ is faster but C# has proven that it is fast too

also u can use them both  Smile

if this post unswerd ur question marke it as answer
4/21/2008 7:13:01 PM

C++ might give you better performance for the image processing part of your app, so you might consider writing that part of your code in a C++ library.

For the rest of your app, however, C# would likely be a much wiser decision due to simpler (and therefore quicker) development.

I hope this helps,

Steve C. Orr,

4/21/2008 7:52:43 PM

Thanks for the feed back. But is it true that VS 2008 can compile it to native code? I could not find that kind of information any where.

4/21/2008 9:02:47 PM


Thanks for the feed back. But is it true that VS 2008 can compile it to native code? I could not find that kind of information any where.

i m not sure but i think it maybe possible Whatever why do u want compile to native code ?

if this post unswerd ur question marke it as answer
4/21/2008 10:48:21 PM
Obviously, the native binary code (Win32 machine code as being created from non .Net C++ like MFC) is faster, since it won't need JIT and .Net runtime. But according to one of my friends, the native code may not be possible because my code has to call .Net class libraries.
4/22/2008 3:41:48 PM
AlanShiHong45040 wrote:

> Obviously, the native binary code (Win32 machine code as being created from non .Net C++ like MFC) is faster, since it won't need JIT and .Net runtime. But according to one of my friends, the native code may not be possible because my code has to call .Net class libraries.

Have you looked at /CLI or /CLR or whatever it's called in this release?
4/22/2008 4:07:44 PM

For .net i think C# is better i know people who have been using unmanaged C++ and shifted to .net they did not like the managed C++ 

if this post unswerd ur question marke it as answer
4/22/2008 5:30:16 PM

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