Button CLick Event + Page Load Event ( Why does Page load clear all my variables )

super asp noob here ---and i hve to get this done asap --- thxn everyone for reading and responding

heres my program in psuedo code

page load ()





public make_ table ()


make a table - read data from a database- set  data -- store lots of data in arrays and variables



button1_click ()





public get_data()


get all  the data from the variables--

read from the  table--+ all the variables

store the data



 basically the user can enter in data  into the text boxes embedded as controls on each cell of the table

i want to read that data and update the database

now when i do teh click butotn- my page load runs ---and CLEARS ALL My variabless


whyy why does it delete all the stuff in my variables..


i want the button click event to run bfore the page load deletes my data--


8/10/2007 5:07:15 PM
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This is a very common issue with newer developers.

 When you do a postback (button click), it goes to the server and hits the Page_Load() first. In your case this loads the Tables, which will eraase the content put into it.

What I would do is this:


page load ()





What this will do is only call make_table() on the first load, as every other postback on this page, will not call make_table as they're postbacks.


Hopefully this helps.

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8/10/2007 5:25:11 PM

Also, you will most likely want to save your table in a session variable, that way when the page reloads and it IS a postback you can add the table to the page's controls.

8/10/2007 5:33:42 PM

thanx - that wud hve helped me to avoid session variables --

but why does my data dissapear---


the first row of the table is hard coded in the aspx page--

so the generate table is actually adding rows ---

sorry for not mentioning this earlier---



so 1 way that i see now is to make teh whole table programically--- and put your code in ---

but i dont want to lose the data that the use has put in those text boxes

rite now the page load event aparantlyy deletes all the data -- and all the rows as well-- on the server side--- but the table is still intact on the user's page (local cache?) ---

dim tempbox as textbox

tempbox = Table1.Rows(i).Cells(1).Controls(0)     ----> this line fails -- with the error message

"Specified argument was out of the range of valid values." 

suggesting that  the row / cell no longer exists.....even tho i had put



-- thnx for the quick response

much appreciated

8/10/2007 5:34:42 PM

If you are using DataBind() to bind your table I would urge you not to use the session to store the data. That is abusing what the session is for. The Table will retains it's information in the ViewState, which will not force you to use server memory.

 If you do bind using:

DataGrid.DataSource = a_DataSource;

your information will be saved in the viewstate so it's easy to work with it. However, if you are using a Table object, that information will not be saved during a postback so you will need to rebind it.

Can you give us more information?


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8/10/2007 5:44:37 PM

you must bind the data to the dataset in the

if not ispostback

in the load event

Known is handful and unknown is worldful.

Ajay Matharu
8/10/2007 5:53:37 PM


it gets a bit complicated ---


Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load


If Request.QueryString("accountID") = "" Then

addtolog("account id is blank")



If Session("session2") <> "generate is false" Then


Table1.Height = Unit.Pixel((numproducts + 1) * 30)

Session("session2") = "generate is false"

End If

End If



Protected Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click

Session("session1") = "update is true"

Session("session2") = "generate is true"




End Sub




<script language="javascript">

var loc;

loc= window.location + "";

if (loc.indexOf("accountID")>-1)




{ var arr = new Array(window.dialogArguments.length - 1);

arr = window.dialogArguments;

//window.location.href=loc+"?fundID=" + arr[0];


"?accountID=" + arr[0],"","status=0,toolbar=1,location=0,menubar=1,scrollbars = 1, resizable=1,width=1000,height=700");

//window.location.href=loc+"?fundID=" + "70D9F869-1BEC-DB11-AE6C-00120E533B30";







this is my sequence of events::

open the page using a button in another aspx page---

my page load runs twice bcuz i hve javascript in the aspx source code (look above for js)

anyway--- so my page load runs fine--the first time around--

generate table runs---

the table comes up ---with all the data in the text boxes---

i add cells to rows-- and add a textbox control to each cell -- i dun assign IDs to anything ---

now the user modifies as much data as he wants --- thenn clicks a button ---

then the page load runs again --- this caused me to loose all my data -which i extracted from the database during the first run...

so i run the generate table again to get my database queries again--- but i dont add any rows---

now i run the get data function -- which needs the database query results ++ the user entered data into the text boxes--


but the user  entered data in the textbox is gone ---!!  deleted by the stupid page load---


bottom line is-- i need to get hold of that data in the textboxes bfore it gets deleted by the pageload ---


8/10/2007 6:08:48 PM



i dun care about the data retrieved from teh queries anymore---

its the user entered data in the text boxes thats slipping away---

now the user can change this constantly --- and  when he clicks the button - i want to call the method to capture the textbox data--

but the dumb pageload deletes it  bfore i can do anything


as i said bfore :  the rows + cells + textboxes r dynamically  created when the generate table function runs

the first row is hard coded -- the rest r  added after the database query

8/10/2007 6:13:35 PM

thnx for all the efforts so far

i am swimming in the deep end here -- and i dun knw how to swim!

8/10/2007 6:14:45 PM

i had this working a long time ago ---

at that point i wasnt using session state--

this is the new stuff that i added in as i went thru the project


enableeventvalidation="false" EnableSessionState ="True"  in the aspx page ttag



<pages enableSessionState ="true">              ----- i never had this line


<add tagPrefix="asp" namespace="System.Web.UI" assembly="System.Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35"/>





<add name="ScriptModule" type="System.Web.Handlers.ScriptModule, System.Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35"/>

<add name="Session" type="System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateModule"/>                       --- > i never had this 



but i need all of them to enable sessiom state --- but i wonder if they r causing the data losss

8/10/2007 6:31:44 PM


heres the solution:


this is wat i WAS doing --


page load()


   if session is X --> generate table()

session is Y



button1 click


    get data from the table


 this cleared all the data from my table--


now wat i am doin is ---


page load()


  generate table()



button1 click


    get data from the table



now in the generate table function -- all the user entered  data is supposedly overwritted-- but its not--- weeiirdd...


Public Sub add_tablerow(ByVal product_name, ByVal row_num)



Dim myrow As New TableRow

Dim mycell1 As New TableCell

mycell1.ID = "box" & row_num & "0"

mycell1.Text = product_name



' addtolog(" add a row stage 1 ")

For y As Integer = 1 To 12 Step 1

Dim mycell As New TableCell

Dim mytextbox As New TextBox

mytextbox.CssClass = "textbox"


mytextbox.CssClass = "textbox"

mytextbox.Width = Unit.Pixel(50)

'Dim mywatermark As New AjaxControlToolkit.TextBoxWatermarkExtender

'mywatermark.ID = "WaterMark" & (((row_num - 1) * 12) + y).ToString

'mywatermark.TargetControlID = mytextbox.ID

'mywatermark.WatermarkText = "No Data"

'mywatermark.WatermarkCssClass = "watermark"

If (monthly_numbers(y - 1) <> 0) Then

mytextbox.Text = monthly_numbers(y - 1)


mytextbox.Text = 0

End If



mycell.ID = "box" & row_num.ToString & " " & y.ToString


' mycell.Controls.Add(mywatermark)

mycell.CssClass = "withbg"




Session("session1") = "update is false"

Catch ex As Exception

addtolog("error in add table row " & ex.Message)

End Try

End Sub




this runs both times --


8/13/2007 4:49:33 PM

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