Building my Own Forum in Visual Studio 2005 with SQL Server 2005 Database Foundations

Hi all hope everyone is ok...

Right i am about to embark on a challange greater than i have ever attempted in the past, i'm going to attempt to design build and hopeflly successfully create my own Forum. I was kind of hoping that there would be some help doing this in out there, but there isn't, and so i am asking if anyone has any suggestions, hints/tips or help they think i might find usefull, before i start getting to far into this project..

Thanks for your time and effort, look forward to hearing from you all... Smile



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What do you mean there isn't any help for doing this available?  Full source of plenty of forum examples exist, including the Starter Kits and the code for the forum you posted this in.  While I wonder why anyone would code their own forum app with all the free open source ones out there, I really wonder about someone who doesn't look at existing code.


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Hi Jeff,

 I've spent many hours reading and searching, i found plenty of php based applications, not so many, you say the source for this forum is available, any pointers in the right direction would be great..


Maybe i've been searching blind.. probably with the work load at the moment.. I have seen the starter kits, not quite to the scale iu had in mind...

Thanks again


11/6/2006 5:51:04 PM


 There are quite a few .NET-based forums out there. To name a few: (VB.NET) (C#) (C#)

Some more here (some free, some not):


Shane Bauer

11/6/2006 6:07:22 PM

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