ASP.NET Project running an exe on local host level but do not when same project runs after virtual directory.

I have an project in which thereis a button on which some exe runs which resides in my computer only using System.Diagonistics.Process.Start("path of exe");

When I am running project on localhost through .net run utility then on pressing that button exe runs smoothly but after making virtual directory of the same project and then if i run that project by typing complete address in address bar then that particular button is not performing its function thus exe is not running .

i have already tried to display the whole path in a label on both levels : localhost and after making virtual directory as both cases complete path is visible and matches also but exe doesn't run after making virtual directory and on internet level...

need help in this aspect.


thanks in advance

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That's a security issue, by default the worker process runs under a "weak" account and doesn't have interactive rights to the desktop.

To solve this you need to give permission for ASP.NET worker process account (probably <localmachine>\ASPNET) to interact with desktop or allow ASP.NET worker process to run in SYSTEM account.

Or just allow the IIS service to interact with the desktop:

IIS Service, logon tab, ensure that "Allow Service to Interact with Desktop" is checked.

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cud u plz show me some other way in detailed explaination



11/4/2008 10:17:58 AM

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