Why we use Web.Config File for connection string wether we can use class Library for get connection for whole web Application

 Why we use Web.Config File for connection string wether we can use class Library for get connection for whole web Application



please help me?

9/15/2008 5:32:21 PM
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Friend, Web.config has its own advantages.

1) Web.Config is used to store the important information like connections strings etc...so that it can be modified even after the code has been
    deployed to the server without compiling the entire application again.

2) Since it is a XML file, there is no need of building the project of you are going to change the connection strings.


If you go for the class files, they belong to the part of the compiled dll and hence there will be no opputunity to modify again the connection strings once you have deployed.

They have the compiled all the times if you have modified the code in the class files.


Hope this has cleared u r doubts. Good luck!

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9/15/2008 6:27:26 PM


for example, you deployed your application and suddenly those people from infrastructure decide to alter the connection string you need to use. A web.config's quickly changed but in the case of the class library you need to alter it, build it again, deploy it to the server.

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