automatic redirect to other page using from client side when page is fully posted back


     i am experiencing  a problem in <asp:history runat="server"/> order to maintain back and forward button concept i am using <asp:history control.

it works fine but the problem is when i redirect to other page using response.redirect ("") i loss my all history points and when i click on back/forward button i am redirected to last full rendered page not to partially updated by ajax.second thing is i cant use server.transfer("") ,since it will not change URL. Third thing is i cant use scriptmanager .registerclientscript block it also cause the problem and same thing is with response.write("<script></script>").

so i am trapped at all the points only one way is there to achieve my goal is ,if i could redirect to other page using funtion on .aspx page.


I am using dropdownlist .when i change its selected index its autopostback on to server where i am performing some storing data in session.which will be referred  on next page .

so overall i want to invoke a javascript function automatically which contains ex:"default.aspx"); when page is fully posted back .


please reply if u have any clue..




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please explain briefly with coading
1/14/2008 9:59:15 AM

you can use



and on redirected page you can access previouse page controls value using request.form("control name")
1/14/2008 10:15:08 AM

Dear All,

            the answer to my question is, we have to call javascript function at the onload event of page's body

e.g. <html>


<script type="text/javascript" >

function myfunc ()



<body onload="myfunc();">


its because form's body is actually formed only when all the controls are available on client site.

though its not working for me because my page updates using ajax (asynchronous)  which creates a region to update not full page so this event is not called in that case..


any way enjoy if any one benefitted with this help.

thanks and regards



1/21/2008 12:17:08 PM

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