Vp.Net or C#.net

Has anyone Created a site with Vb.net or C# can be seen on 

Internet .
i'd like to learn one of them !? which one would you suggest?
With one is better Vb.net or C# ?

Ali Darabian
8/2/2003 8:51:04 PM
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Ah... another person joins the great debate... what about J#? ;) 

It's a personal choice... depends on your background, on where you are working, etc.
My choice is C#.
Jason Wyckoff

8/2/2003 9:33:05 PM
This is the way I look at them:

VB.Net and C# are the same thing!?! <=> Have I just sad same???? No they are not same, but... there's again someting....
Do you see the point now. Both are good enought, so it doesen't metters which one you are going to choose if you are beginner. If you are beginner i have good solution for you:
Just take one coin and say: This side is for VB.NET and this one is for C#. Drop the coin and on which side it falls that language is for you.
But if you are not a beginner c# is for you if you were working with Java or C++, but if you were working with VB you definitive should take VB.NET.
P.S. I was droping coin between C++ and VB, and VB side was on top, so My choice is VB.NET

8/2/2003 10:49:40 PM
Try them both.  Personally I like C#.

8/3/2003 4:08:36 AM
I tried both, and I like C# much better
8/3/2003 5:04:40 AM
If you are from C, C++, you will be tend to work with C#

if you are from VB then you will probably likes VB.NET.
But both uses most of the time same name spaces provided by .Net frame work!
So it dosn't matter which language you are using, every thing will go by CLR.
Yes I agree some people like to write in C# and some others like to use VB.NET, it's depend on the way how you look!
weblog http://weblogs.asp.net/skoganti
8/3/2003 5:52:49 PM
As I can see most of people here love to code in C#, I have tryed to code in C# but VB.NET is some kind better for me, That's because I have coded in VB.

I don't know, but C# looks some how childish for me. reason is : while many languages are using these () brackets C# is using these [] and these {}. Isn't it easyer to search english words when something is wrong to your code then to look at bunch of brackets, anyway in vs.net is same for both, but what if there is not vs.net.

8/3/2003 11:39:06 PM
Ha , not a bad reasoning ; )

But both has it's own advantages!
Personally I love both. I prefer C# for System programming, like reading ports etc.
VB.Net for geneal business applications. The reason is, majority my development group is much comfortable with VB (Since all are working with ASP from past 3 years). So I am going now with VB.Net !!
weblog http://weblogs.asp.net/skoganti
8/4/2003 12:07:04 AM
I don't know, but C# looks some how childish for me. reason is : 

while many languages are using these () brackets C# is using these [] and these {}. Isn't it easyer to search english words when something is wrong to your code then to look at bunch of brackets, anyway in vs.net is same for both, but what if there is not vs.net.
There are probably more regularly used languages in use that use the C# style syntax over the VB style. C/C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C#, etc...
The fact that there is a separate operator for arrays isn't really a good reason to hate a language (or is it?). The only portion that may hit people is that there is no direct way to say "This ' } ' goes with this ' { ' without following the code. Basically, it's easier to read VB code that isn't indented than C# code.
if ( obfuscated ) { for ( int i = 0; i < str.Length; ++i ) { } }
Would be
If obfuscated Then
For i = 0 To str.Length
End If
Now, I have no problem reading either, but admittedly the VB.NET would be a quicker scan.
8/4/2003 2:10:58 AM
I decided to go for VB.NET for a few resasons.

1) the first book I bought about asp.net had all of the examples written in VB.NET
2) the tags seem to make more sense (dont ask why because i dont know)
3) that is the language that was set as default on the development program
and i did not come from VB. This is how i learned my languages
HTML -> javascript -> Java -> XML -> PHP -> Flash (action script) -> C++ -> (Direct X if you can count that) -> COM+ -> ASP.NET -> ASP (but i still use asp.net as my main language)

David Legg
Dave Legg
8/4/2003 6:16:14 PM
For some reason I have an easier time reading

if ( obfuscated ) { for ( int i = 0; i < str.Length; ++i ) { } }
than the VB.net version.
imleggy, I also think the ASP.net tags are easier when using VB.net, especially when using databinding.
When I first learned programming I learned Basic then Pascal then C then VB4 then C++ then VB6 then a little Java (gave up), then ASP, HTML and JavaScript. Now I'm using C#.
Even though I liked ASP and VB much better than C and C++, for some reason when I tried ASP.net with VB.net I got all confused. When I switched to C# everything started making sense!
So, I think it really is just all a matter of preference.
8/4/2003 7:52:31 PM
I'm going to have to post here... ahem...

First of all, what did lacol mean when he said childish? heh C# seems actually LESS childish than VB.NET.
I was actually a big time VB.NET geek. I got pretty good at it too! I had thought about converting to C#, but why should I? Both do the same, right? Wrong.
C# actually has a few advantages... The biggest I can think of right now, is the use of the unsafe { } statement. Can't do that in VB.NET!
And most computer apps were built in C++, no? So it seems to me, that C# developers will become more valuable, because they will be needed to upgrade many of those C++ programs to C#! right?
There is an article that talks on this in the latest issue of ASP.NETPro. After reading that, I decided to convert to C#.
It's not to hard either, since I have a had a little experience of C++ in the past.
- Josh
8/6/2003 2:20:18 AM
hi dear , thanks for your answer 

i don't have any experince with c or visual basic and i has decided to learn one of the
..net languges ... and it is importent for me in futer (for job)
but i am confuse for choOseing a languge :(
if you are a beginner and dont know any thing ,which one do you choose ?
tag:i want only programming web appl

Ali Darabian
8/31/2004 2:23:00 PM
I have to confess about a week or two after posting to this thread I converted to C#, and have never looked back since. Now I tend to write as much as I can in C# and nothing in VB.NET.

Dave Legg
Dave Legg
8/31/2004 2:28:45 PM
Be a man and go for C# 

looks more complex, But at the same time it looks cleaner... if you look at the functionalities the can do the same... you knwo what? look at a job site and search on both, and select the one with the most jobs or best income ;-)
and again, i recommend C#
Bluemagics Weblog: "I'll always make your dark sky blue!"
8/31/2004 3:35:25 PM
I have been working with vb.net for about 1 and half years and just recently landed a job doing c#. I like them both but I really like c# right now. VB.net may be easier to read in the begining but as long as you have the basic concepts down any language will do, it's all just syntax.
"Politicians never accuse you of 'greed' for wanting other people's money --- only for wanting to keep your own money." [Joseph Sobran]
8/31/2004 3:41:30 PM
if u had an experienced from C/C++ language, so the answer will be C# to build database app/web app.

if u wanna be a pure system programmer I recommend u to stay away from Visual C++.NET its terrible, stick with Visual C++ 6!
VB is good for beginner esp from pascal programmer background.
IMO, sometime syntax in VB make me confused and its very unsual for me.
FOR statement from C# is similiar with C/C++ but when I want to make a FOR statement again with VB so I must open my VB step by step book again. I often forgot the syntax!
oh yes one more thing if u using C# so u will find a feature that VB doesnt support it, thats a unsafe code. POINTERS ^_^ - function_name(int *var)
9/1/2004 7:38:15 PM

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