Visual Studio 2005 Pro / Visual Studio .NET 2003 Pro ?

Ok I have enough money now to purchase Visual Studio .NET 2003 Pro but what do you think guys, is it too late?

Do I need to wait til Visual Studio 2005 is officially release?
If you suggest me to wait, so I will still use my Visual Studio.NET Pro 60 days trial edition.
After the trial reach its limit, I will reformat my HD and install my Windows + Visual Studio Trial again. Yeah this is make me tired but I dont need to spend 600 bucks again for upgrade.
or perhaps I will use MSDN Subscription Pro but I hope Visual Studio 2005 Pro will release before my subscription is expired. otherwise I must spend 1000 bucks again to renew my subscription.
Please give me the best suggestion you have!
Many thanks.
7/6/2004 11:56:22 AM
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