Need Help---Deploying VB.NET Application ???

Hi y'all. I need your help in my application.

I have a VB.NET application, that is ready to deployed on a target pc. The thing is the target pc doesn't have a .NET framework installed, so I try to include a file called "dotnetfxredist_x86.msm" file from the detected dependencies. But when I build the project it causing errors, saying that :

F:\Documents\Visual Studio Projects\Get User IP Address\Get User IP Address.vdproj dotNETFXRedist_x86_enu.msm must not be used to redistribute the .NET Framework.  Please exclude this merge module.

The error saying that I have to exclude the dotnetfxredist_x86.msm file, the thing is I need to include that file because the target pc doesn't have a .net framework, so what I have to do with it, can you help me guys please, I really need your help. Thanks, I appreciate anykind of help.



Best regards.


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Sounds like you're deploying a Windows app.

These forums are for ASP.NET (web sites / web applications), not windows applications. You might try your question at the MSDN Forums which deals with Windows Applications written for .NET.

Mike Banavige
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 Hmm...Ok then, but at least can you tell me what to do with my problems?

Is it the same when you want to install a web application ?



Best regards. 

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