machine.config vs web.config question


can we use machine.config file instead of web.config file

if yes ,how?

can u give me example?

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the machine.config is the ultimate master config file on your system with a lot of default settings. When you use web.config files, which is done in a cascading order, you're actually overwriting these settings with new ones. It's advised to keep the machine.config as is as much as possible so to not get conflicts with other applications.

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You can use either one. Keep in mind, however, that settings to the machine.config will affect ALL sites on your server, whereas the web.config will only affect your current site.

If you want to edit your Machine.Config, it will probably be located at (Assuming that you're running .NET 2.0+):

6/13/2008 12:31:10 PM

Machine.config is the file that has the master settings for the machine and affects not only but other .NET applications. It is advisable not to mess with it. Since the configuration settings cascade ie  web.config in the machine gets overridden by settings in the app etc.. it is advisable to use the application level web.config for app specific settings 

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Yes the changes you made to web.config will only take effect on the project of whom  you are changing values, and  the changes  apply to machine.config  applies to all  projects.


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It is best to leave the machine.config file alone.  Use your web site web.config, or some other config file in your web site, to control the configuration.  That way you're only affecting your web site, not all web sites.

Hope this helps.


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The machine.config and web.config are "merged" (in memory, not physically) by the ConfigurationManager class. So the ConfigurationManager will load all connection strings from machine.config *and* all connection strings from web.config. You can access any connection string from either file the same exact way. To test this, try putting a connection string in your web.config with the same "name" as the connection string in your machine.config. You'll get an error.

Now, having said that, it's fairly common for people to start off the <connectionStrings> element of their web.config with a <clear/> tag. What that does is effectively remove all previously loaded connection strings (namely, those loaded from machine.config). If your web.config contains this <clear/> tag then the connection strings defined in machine.config will be unavailable.

Hope that helps

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You want to make a configuration setting change that will be global to all Web and Windows applications on the current computer please use machine.config.

otherwise you can use web.config.

When u use web.config file in it ill override the machine.config file settings, while you initially run your Web application.



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