Modify default (1 database field per row) rendering for DetailsView Control in Details, Edit, Insert Pages in a Dynamic Data WebSite


DetailsView control on Edit, Insert, Details pages render the data as a HTML table with only 2 columns (1 column for the column name and the other for its database value). I would like to modify this default behaviour of the DetailsView control to render atleast 2 database fields per row to capture some of the real estate on the right side of the page.

Any suggestions are higly appreciated.




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You could use custome pages or have a look at this articles of mine here:

  1. Custom PageTemplates Part 1 - Custom PageTemplates with Ajax Control Toolkit Tabs
  2. Custom PageTemplates Part 2 - A variation of Part 1 with the Details and SubGrid in Tabs
  3. Custom PageTemplates Part 3 - Dynamic/Templated Grid with Insert (Using ListView)
  4. Custom PageTemplates Part 4 - Dynamic/Templated FromView

Steve Big Smile

Seeking the elegant solution.
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3/9/2009 11:25:16 AM

The DetailsView control that these templates are based on is designed around the two column style. You can customize the page templates to use a FormView which allows you to use asp:DynamicControl to place columns anywhere on the page you desire. For the next release of Dynamic Data (available in preview here: contains a new feature called Entity Templates. These will allow you to create a default layout template for all tables or provide custom layouts on a table by table basis.

Scott Hunter
PM, ASP.NET Team, Microsoft
3/9/2009 4:45:41 PM

Thanks Steve, I will look into your articles.

Thank you Scott. For now, I have used asp:DynamicControl to place columns in a DetailsView to accomplish what I wanted but it is very specific to a single table. Instead I wanted to create something generic for all tables. When is the next release planned?


3/9/2009 5:11:02 PM

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