How to access a grandparent of a table in dynamic data?


It is a common case to show the parent data, by foreignkey, in dynamic data. But I get stuck when I try to access the parent of a parent table, i.e. the grandparent of a table.

I have a table called "Bill" which has the foreignkey to table "Application". And Table "Application" has foreignkeys to table "Course" and table "Student". Now, I am trying to get the column "Title" of table "Course" and column "Name" of table "Student", as the foreignkey display of "Application". In other words, I want to get the data from Bill to Course and Student by using Application's foreignkey.

 Could anyone know how to do so, preferably by using metadata and custom FieldTemplate?

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First of all could you give a litle more detail (please read this blog post) i.e. is this a Many to Many relationship




if it's not a Many to Many the you could create a custom ForeignKey FieldTemplate for this relationship.

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I am using dynamic data along with Entity Framework. The version of my dynamic data is NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

It isn't a Many to Many relationship

Bill * -> 1 Application 1 -> 1 Course
                                1 -> 1 Student

I have tried to implement the custom Foreignkey FieldTemplate, but get stuck when try to access the grandparent by metatable or getting the entity data as a Row. Can you show me how to access the grandparent? Also, I struggled with building the navigaional url too!




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