save image from flash binary data

I need help. 
How can I get binary data from flash and save image?
I don't know byte variable binding streaming data.

byte[] flashdata = getByte(); <<< ??
string filename = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
FileStream s = new FileStream("C:\\" + filename + ".jpg", FileMode.CreateNew);
BinaryWriter b = new BinaryWriter(s);

Can you help me?


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From your description, it seems that you want to get binary data from loca flash file, right?

If so, I suggest that you may try following links.


Michael Jin.
Microsoft Online Community Support

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4/27/2009 3:55:07 AM

This is not related flash. The important point is to use data with c# file from flash.

Flash file sends the data to c# file. But c# file can't get data..

I want get binary data from flash and save jpg file..



5/4/2009 11:23:30 AM

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