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Whats the best way for uploading photos? Is there a DNN control or standard?
I need to store a photo against a user for my UserData - User Profiles module (see dumbTV for 90% finished version - click on any username to see the details - some of them have photos already from my old site, but theirs no way to maintain them currently). I really don't want to have to code this all again and I was hoping this would be in a control already I could just add to my form?
And also, how/where should I store it? Under PortalID\Profiles\UserID? Or do I dump them all into the root (I know in DNN3.0 there's gonna be better use of the folders (cool!) Whats the preferred practise for storing uploaded files for a particular module?
To keep it simple for the first version I'd imagine I'll only allow a user to upload one photo (and replace it/delete it) - I know the Gooddogs Repositry does uploading - is this custom code or inbult into the core?
Any suggestions appreciated!

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I built a custom module called Extended Profile to store all the additional information I needed.  It may not be the best way, but it works.  As far as storing the images, I created a sub folder under the PortalID, but did not limit it to profiles, but more of an user image folder.  When I designed this part, I used PortalId/UserPhotos/UserId, but I would suggest using PortalId/userPhotos/Username.  In my extended profile section, I created a paged datalist that the user could simply click on a photo and then click the update button of their extended profile, with the database storing the image.  Currently, the only way to upload a new image is through the FTB2, but I have another module I created that looks similar to the Yahoo photos as far as listing pictures. It also allows administrators to view user photos and upload images for them, as well as resizing of the image if desired.  I am waiting on doing anything more on this to see what DNN 3 and more specifically CS 1: Gallery have in them.   As far as organization, I would not dump all the photos into the root, I would probably go the DNN 3 route and just decide how you want to store the folder structure.
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Hmm - thats a very informative answer - thanks Jeremy!

I didn't think about storing the image in the database as a blob - I'm not sure I would do that but it's an idea!
Yeah - I use nGallery and I think one day they will allow users to upload their own photos, so I am not going to work on that - purely one photo to be associated to a user for their Profile.
Aahh- yeah - thats a good idea - dump the photo in a User specific folder and then browse it as a thumbnail and they can select it... I was hoping there would be a custom control that would have a kind of selected for a file and then upload it to a pre-configured location (I haven't looked at FTB2 yet at all but will do so now!)


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Hi Jeremy

I am looking at doing something similar - a custom user profile module where the user uploads their own photo. Do you have anything that you could share codewise?
Regards, Nick

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After a bit of trawling I found this post

Vicenç - did you get anywhere with this or did it become part of the core?


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Drop me a line offline. jeremy_oldham AT DELETENOSPAM
I actually do not store the image in the database as a blob. I simply store the filename with the userid and the rest of the extended profile information. When I return the information from the database, I build the image url string based on the userid (I would use username) and the filename. Something like portalid/UserGallery/userid/filename. Hope this helps.
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Has anyone ever thought about "modularizing" the User Profiles?  It seems everyone as different profile needs.  The DNN Core even provides a serialized structure to store anything they did not think of...  But where is the extensibiliy of the UI?  Sure we could manually edit the ASCX and insert a reference to our own ASCX.  I think that having extra panels of specialized info in additional controls is right in line with DNNs modularization....but where is the framework?  Perhaps being able to install modules and then to add them (via UI) as panels to the User Profile ASCX...
10/20/2004 2:04:11 PM
Well my UserData module extends this area - BUT it's not extensible through the web UI... I was planning on releasing it as a source starter kit but it's more for programmers (I added a couple of fields like Date of Birth, Middle name, Title, Nick name and About Me, but you could extend it as you like...

My new Profile stuff just shows a consilidated view of all this extra info - the hardest part is editing all the other content controls to link to my profile module whenever a user name is mentions (for example, I edited Scott's cool Users Online to now how the username as clickable so you can see more about the person (see dumbTV for eg.)
But now I'm just trying to not reinvent the wheel when I do the photo upload part of it! I suppose I'll have to dig through the File Manager and see what it's doing ;)

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