New Portal Always Redirects to Default DotNetNuke Portal. Please Help...

I recently moved my portal up to

Everything has seemed pretty smooth, but I recently tried creating a new portal (just an example). But when I try to go to that url in IE or FireFox, it keeps redirecting me to the default portal. I know the domain is correct because I placed an image in the images directory and was able to browse to that image and it displays.

I'm currently using 3.1.0.

What preventing my aliases from working?

Please help.


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For a new domain www.newportal .com you need to create an application in wh4L control panel which is $15/year.

Does it work with sub-domains ex  ?


7/11/2005 6:26:52 AM
Actually all other domains and sub-domains work without having to pay extra. WH4L allows for unlimited domains and sub-domains.

Today I was able to create new portals and they redirected no problem. I wonder if the server was just acting flaky last night.

Who knows.

7/11/2005 1:39:13 PM

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