New Install 1.0.9, Can't find "GetPortalSettings" sproc error

I have read all of the threads with the "Can't find GetPortalSettings stored procedure" error.  Can't seem to find the fix.

I have SQL 2000 Server, MachineName/ASPNET account has full control of the dotnetnuke directory, the stored procedure has been corrected in the .9 version for the .[Level] error.
Whats left? Anyone
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if you had the xml skins in your system from 108 when you upgraded, you will need to remove the skins before upgrading.  this is only two sprocs.. getportalsettings and updateportalinfo.

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KodHedZ Software Development
6/4/2003 2:23:28 AM
Thanks xpdit,

Actually my config is a new install not an upgrade. What I failed to tell you, however, is that I ran the sql database scripts manually. I am not actually sure of the steps and proper order to doing a clean install. Can you point me to a complete and concise enumeration of the procedure? Somehow I am fouling up the process to get the scripts to install automatically.
Here is my procedure:
create c:\dotnetnuke folder
assign full control permissions in c:\dotnetnuke to the MACHINENAME\ASPNET account
assign full control permissions in c:\dotnetnuke to my user account with Admin Permissions
create new "dotnetnuke" db in SQL Server 2000
unzip 1.0.9 to c:\dotnetnuke
create new virtual directory pointing to c:\dotnetnuke
verify that virdir is properly configured as application
modify the web.config file connection string: Trusted_Connection=true; replaces uid=;pwd=;
When are the scripts supposed to run?
Are there any prerequisites, such as preparing the SQL db, in some way, for accepting the scripts?
Since they did not run up until this point I run all of them manually with Query Analyzer.
Does compiling the project in VS.Net perform necessary tasks?
6/4/2003 11:30:04 PM
the MACHINENAME\ASPNET user needs rights to the database (using Windows Security) for trusted connection use.  I give it db_owner rights when I use it.

Jeremy White
Webstone, LLC
My DNN Blog
6/5/2003 1:25:36 AM
I got the same error, I have some info but I need help too

from what I know once you create the initial database and run the portal
http://localhost/dotnetnuke. it connect to the db and creates all the tables, stored procedures and enters the initial data for the default portal.
after i got my error i went to the database server and noticed that about 15 stored procedures were missing,
so i tryied to copy the stored procedure code and manually create the stored procedure using Query analyzer
i then got this error
Server: Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Procedure GetPortalSettings, Line 87
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Level'.
basically there is a field called Level in the tabs table and it seems that level is a RESERVED keyword on the server i'm trying to update to.
the portal was not able to create this stored procedure on the server is what it boils down too.
thiss server is a SQL 7.0 server.
I have got this working great on a 2000 sql server.
how do i check the reserved keywords on a sql 7.0 server.
can someone validate my research for me please.

here are some answers i have found about this issue!/m_376136/p_1/tmode_5/smode_1/tm.htm
7/19/2003 5:32:31 AM
I had the same error and this worked for my error

Add to the top of the sql script
then replace every instance of the word level with [level]
brackets are the key
7/19/2003 5:53:28 AM

I also got into this problem but solved it. You just need to delete the Virtual Directory
and recreate it before you retry after correcting your connection string.
Before your second attempt make sure to set up correct connnection string in web.config
<add key="connectionString" value="Server=localhost;Database=DotNetNuke;uid=;pwd=;" />
<!-- database connection details -->
7/21/2003 3:16:35 PM

I also had to replace 1 instance of keyword "LEVEL" with "[LEVEL]" in GetTabById.
Setup ran fine after this.
8/22/2003 6:36:15 PM

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