Moving from Dev to production


I have a fully up-and-running DNN site on my home machine. I want to go live with it.

Is there a way to migrate the site, instead of create the site on my prod server and manually add all the modifications/changes I have made?

I have an existing DNN portal on my prod site under a different domain name which I want to preserve.

Any pointers?

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There are several posts about this already (try a search), but here are the quick directions (because I'm on my way to work).

  1. Make a backup of everything
  2. Delete everything off the remote server (excluding any admin control panels, stats software, etc that the host has placed there for you).
  3. On you local installation, add two portal aliases for your domain name ( and
  4. Make sure your database is ready on the remote server and gather your connection string.
  5. FTP the entire contents of your local site to the remote server.
  6. Fire up SQL Enterprise Manager.
  7. Right click on your existing database and "All Tasks/Export Data"
  8. Enter the information for this and your remote SQL server.
  9. Specify to copy objects and data to the destination server.
  10. On the "Select objects to copy" page
    1. Uncheck "Use default options"
    2. Click the "options" button
    3. Uncheck "copy database users and roles"
    4. Uncheck "copy object level permissions"
    5. presss ok
  11. Click next a couple of times and be prepared to wait for a while until it's done.

Alex Dresko
I'm not a player, I just code a lot.
6/14/2005 11:57:54 AM
Hey Alex, just to toss in a warning for novice sql server users: sql server is notoriously hard to manage this way. I have given up trying, preferring instead to simple export and import .bak files. It is infinitely more trustworthy (at least in my experience). Most hosts handle this task well, unless they are restoring a db with a differing name. Easy once you have done it a couple of times, next to impossible if you are just just fumbling around Ü

Just a little warning for newcomers... cheers, drew..
6/15/2005 5:20:04 AM

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