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This site appears to be the most comprehensive list of free custom modules:
Any other sites? I do like how Rainbow gives you a bucket of them - saves a lot of time over having to snoop around and find some of the DNN ones. Is there also a way to list modules as "certified"? Also - is there a decent repository of skins?
I have recently installed version 2.0. Sure wish there were more modules ready for it! That would make it much easier to evaluate the program and give recommendations to my boss.
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The reason there aren't more 2.0 modules yet is becasue it hasn't even been released yet. It's still BETA, and there were some fair changes from BETA 1 to BETA 2 which broke some modules. I'm sure now that BETA 2 is out, more modules will be updated.

Matt Fraser
DotNetNuke Core Team
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3/10/2004 9:26:13 PM
I completely understand that. Is there a good listing somewhere of all modules other than the one I found (
3/10/2004 11:45:24 PM
3/10/2004 11:57:09 PM
Jeremy White
Webstone, LLC
My DNN Blog
3/11/2004 7:43:17 AM

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GreetingsI am creating a support system module which will require the ability to add sub modules. For example, there is an admininstrators section in which suport requests are administered, anwsered, solved etc.There is to be another function in the admin section of the support module in which admins can upload a new support form template module, ie, say an admin wants to set up a form for users to lodge a request for new hardware, the form will display all required fields, graphics, validation etc for that request. Another support form template might be to have a new user set up on the acti...

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I purchaced the Internal Link Navigation from Snowcovered a while back and have modified it so I can insert user controls in the child-level pages. However, if I try to insert a IBS module, it returns an error because the IBS modules use desktopcontols.vb to pull properties for the module from the database and I haven't set that up properly. When I look at the code in tablayout.aspx.vb I have a hard time sorting through it. Any ideas? Do you want to post your mods to Internal Link Navigation - I have done a fair bit of work with that so may be able to help Or email the code to me Dav...

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Can module name be something like: com::xyz::PakageOne? Because when I created a package with that convention, the package was created but there is no _st_ and _sk_ generated for me. Thanks. .... Steve ...

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