Isolating web.config from it's parent web.config

I need to run an application withing a sub-directory of another application. Basically, I need to install an old version of DNN as a subdirectory of a current DNN2 installation.

I get a problem of conflicting web.configs. The subdirectory want to use it's parent directory's web.config file. I thought by making the subdirectory an "application" in IIS that it would use the web.config in it's own folder but instead, it is referenceing the web.config file from it's parent.
Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
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Because of the hierarchical nature of application configuration, until a specific web.config section override is encountered, the definitions in the same section in the parent web.config are still in effect for a child application. Generally, you have to issue a <clear /> in the child web.config to negate this effect. Also, if there are any references to assemblies in the parent web.config, these assemblies will need to be present in the child "bin" folder even if they are not being used. This resource will provide more information:
Hierarchical Configuration Architecture

Nik Kalyani
Speerio, Inc.

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7/1/2004 2:57:40 PM
Thanks Nik,

Does that mean that any sub directories will share the same Session and Application objects of it's parent? I want to be able to have a sub directory behave as an autonomous entity with it's own Session and Application objects.
Is their a way to accomplish this. In classic ASP, simply putting a Global.asa file in a directory and marking the directory as an application in IIS would let you configure it this way. There must be a simple way of doing this with ASP.NET apps.
7/1/2004 6:10:56 PM

In addition to my previous post - from reading that MSDN article, the only way to do what I need is to create a virtual directory on my web server pointed to the nested application. This would be fine for me, but what about people using shared hosting services. I doubt many ISP let them create virtual directories ad-hoc (I don't let my clients do this without a specific request).
7/1/2004 6:25:51 PM

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