How About the ability to Limit the size of Images in the Images module?

I would really like to see image sizing in the images module, so that the size of the image height, or depth, or both can be assigned, where not anything is needed to show a full size image, or one or both to limit the size.

that would be an easy and really cool thing for the next release!!!
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so how do you adjust size now?
Daniel Struve
DotNetNuke Houston

1/4/2004 5:16:28 PM
You got my vote. And how about automatically generating thumbnails that aren't the same file size as the original image? The drawing namespace has this stuff built-in, so it wouldn't take all that much to do, if you're good. Me, I'm not. :-( 

1/4/2004 10:29:48 PM
Definitely be very popular I think, including an auto-thumbnail option
Regards, Nick

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1/5/2004 2:17:35 AM
It's a very good idea, perhaps a best developper can create this module :))

DotNetNuke Upload Module :
- Show a fully customizable progress bar during the upload
- Allow only special file types to be uploaded
- Limit file upload size
- Limit uploaded image size
- Synchronize uploaded image size in the database
- Delete an image
- Auto create non-existent upload directories
- Allow or not allow to upload to physical paths
- Prefix filenames with full directory (store the file names in your database prefixed with the upload path)
- Handle conflicts when a filename already exists (overwrite, make unique and other options)
- Automatically resize images to fit specific width and height and Keep the aspect ratio during the resize
- full control of the destination JPEG quality
- support for GIF, JPG, PNG
- Generate thumbnails for all uploaded images
- Display the generated thumbnails and allow to show/hide an image in the database or delete image.
- Allow to use this module in the wysiwyg editor
- Mail uploaded files
- Rename uploaded files

Perhaps someone can convert this Dreamweaver component to a DotNetNuke module :
Pure ASP Upload :

1/6/2004 12:48:03 AM
Sounds like a good idea to me
5/18/2006 3:42:57 AM
why not use an image handler?


5/18/2006 4:35:48 PM

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