DNN 3.0 Custom User Registration - adding more info AFTER registration?

This topic has been discussed in great length in several threads as a lot of people (myself included) are looking for a solution for custom user registration. The new way of doing this in 3.0 is to use the new ASP.NET membership provider.

Here is a situation I wanted to get some opinions on. What about adding more information AFTER the user is regististered. The use case would look like this:
1. User enters information in the current registration form
2. User submits information and gets saved in membership table
3. A custom hook redirects the user to a custom login form after submitting
4. This custom login form asks user to enter username, password & verification code
5. After submitting, the user is redirected to the new "additional registration info" page. Since the user is now logged in, we have his/her userid/portalid info so save to a table
6. The user can then enter information such as DOB, interests, a photo, hobbies, etc. Since user has already been created, this information can be logged into a new table. Once completed, the user can be assigned a role.
This seems like a hack kind of way to do this but for a lot of solutions (such as mine) it seems like it might be easier. Especially if this can be done without any core changes. Wanted to get some opinions on this?
2/4/2005 5:09:59 PM
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Write your own membership provider and plug it in.

What you describe above seems like a setup of two modules. One is a redirection that sends them to a hidden tab based on role. The next is another module which collects data. This could be something like FormCreator or whatever. When they are finished you need a way to add them to a new role of Registerd-Whatever. That about sums up you "hack" scenario. There is a module that will be available from Kodhedz called Form generator, it may help you.

Chris Paterra

2/4/2005 7:39:03 PM
Thanks for the advice Chris. I suppose I need to look into the membership provider further to understand what is involved before making a decision.

Your response clarifies exactly what I had in mind. It just seemed to me that in some cases this might be a better implementation of a registration process (both ways are after all collecting user data). I don't know enough details about the membership provider yet but was concerned there might be some disadvantages. Perhaps another questions to post....
I also was thinking of using the upcoming UCanUse User Attributes for DNN3.0. WHich I guess is a form generator already plugged into the membership provider.
2/4/2005 8:35:27 PM