Converting an Ibuyspy custom Module to DotNetDuke Custom Module

Are there any instructions on what it takes to convert an IBuySpy Custom Module to DotNetDuke. .. What do I need to add or change.
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There is a developer whitepaper included with the DNN download I think or you can download the whitepaper at

Jeremy White
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8/22/2003 9:45:34 PM

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Hi Well im thinking of finally converting my portals to DNN based, is there a document online somewhere that explains how to convert modules form ibuyspy to dnn Armand Datema5 Skins, 4 SkinObject, 38 Containers, 2 Modules and more Euro 50 a year.SchwingNukeOffshore DNN and development Container Creator There is a whitepaper that includes this information on the homepage in the announcements section. JeremyJeremy WhiteWebstone, LLCMy DNN Blog Hi Thanks just what I needed Well then i have some work to do convert my modules to dnn convert the innermodu...

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