Conversion of a DNN Access database to SQL database

We have an Access version of the Dot Net Nuke database.  We are upgrading to a server with SQL.  We'd like to transfer the content from the Access database to the SQL database.

Is this possible? Is there a utility available for this conversion. What should we be aware of as we try this?
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TextLayout Module - create multiple column layouts easily
10/20/2004 8:33:33 AM
Thank for your excellent process!  I was able to successfully move the data.

I did have problems with a couple of tables. When transferring the data from the upgraded Access tables to the native SQL tables using your script, I got errors on the Announcement, Documents, Links, and Portals tables.
For the first three tables, the problem involved the "Clicks" field. This field was null in the source table and nulls are not allowed in the destination table. Since the default for the field is zero, I simply set the value of the field to zero in the source table.
The problem with the Portal table involved the GUID column. Again it was null in the source table and nulls are not allowed in the destination table. The fix was similar to the other tables. I put a GUID in the source table GUID column.
After making these minor edits, I re-ran the transfer script. Everything seems to be working fine.
Thanks again.
10/22/2004 3:21:35 PM

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