changelog 2.1.1 <-> 2.1.2 ?

What is the changelog between 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 ?

We started a localization into french before 2.1.1 was frozen, and we would like to reuse most of this work.
Thanks to say what has changed with the patch.
( please forget the question if the answer is in the zip ; I couldn't download it yet)

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The changelog report is available form the website.
Tom Lucas

6/14/2004 8:25:20 PM
On last look the change log was from 2.0.4 not 2.1.1!
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6/14/2004 8:35:18 PM
Yup, your right. My bad!  ;)

Let me see if someone has one.
Tom Lucas

6/14/2004 8:37:55 PM
Bert created one from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2 - I will post it as well.

Shaun Walker
Perpetual Motion Interactive Systems Inc.
DotNetNuke on SourceForge.Net
6/14/2004 8:46:13 PM

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TextLayout Module - create multiple column layouts easily
6/14/2004 9:06:50 PM
change log now posted...
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6/14/2004 10:01:27 PM

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