Cannot get rid of a custom module. How do I manually delete a module (not on any pages) in DNN 3.1?

I've gone through this nightmare to move a site from 2.1.2 to
3.1.  I have to say, on an aside, that if there's no better way to
upgrade than to delete all custom modules, DNN will not survivie in the
long least the selling of custom modules won't.  It's
too much a high cost, beyond the price of modules...never mind there's
absolutely no regulation on testing these modules to ensure that they
delelte themselves correctly (and also delete all of themselves, like
the tables, foreign keys, stored procs, etc..  If a user isn't a
db expert, right now upgrading a full-fledged site from 2.1.2 to 3.1
would be something I wouldn't even want to attempt.  This issue
keeps being put to the side, but it's *out there*.  Just another
reason to bring the selling of modules into, and have a
subproject assigned to ensuring these modules adhere to naming
conventions for downloads/upgrades, all the way to deleting themselves
properly.  I'd sign up as a member of said project from word
one.  Custom modules are like the wild west right now, and talking
about 'this is an issue for snowcovered', or 'this is an issue up to
each developer', or 'this is open-source so dotnetnuke should not get
involved in it', is all yada yada yada.  It *needs* to be
addressed, as anyone who has upgraded sites knows.

Why this tirade?  Well, I've been trying (and I supposedly have been doing database sql since 1991) to delete the magic gadget module.  Thus far, with no success.  Even after the upgrade, it shows up in my module defs.  I won't even go *into* the nightmare I had w/other custom modules deleting them...but they at least eventually died w/some EM tweaking and wholesale deleting of tables, folders, stored procs, etc..  And yes, I've deleted my cache, deleted my trash, stopped and restarted IIS, and gone to bed and woke up and worked on other stuff, figuring perhaps by some miracle, this "Magic Gadget" item in my Module Definitions will just f'in go away!  I even deleted each Magic Gadget control separately.  I deleted the Magic Gadget record in the Module Definitions table.

Still, this little evil beast will not go away.  There are no stored procs left, no magic gadget tables, no TabModules w/a magic gadget record in them, no recored for Magic Gadget in the Module Defs table as I've said.  And it's STILL LISTED as a Module I can add to a page!  Could someone please explain how this is possible, and how to manually delete a module that is most definitely NOT on any page?  Obviously I'm missing a table somewhere, since disconnecting the database and reconnecting it doesn't work either.  I've tried *everything*.  Hopefully someone here will have an idea I haven't thought of...which is most definitely likely. ;-)

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what about modules table?
6/15/2005 12:43:05 AM
 brian_c wrote:
what about modules table?

Hey Brian.  Thanks for responding.  I forgot to add a number of tables I've searched via Query Analyzer.  Ain't no record for magicgadget in Modules, Module Permissions, Module Controls, ModuleSettings, TabModules, TabModuleSettings, PortalDesktopModules, and any other table I could find the module id that *was* magic gadget.  It's not there.  But it still shows up in Module Definitions listing per Host->Module Definitions.  I sure would like to get rid of it, since it's something that is a 'confidence' thing w/3.1 in general.  I'm not getting automatically logged out anymore, which is it's great!  But I've been hearing about these 'can't login anymore', and in trying to understand and learn as much as possible about the environment I'm working in, for the life of me, this magicgadget thing will *not* disappear.  Could someone explain how it manages to show up on my list of available modules on the control panel and in the Module Definitions list, when it is *not* there?  Is it a ghost? ;-)

Again, anyone that could help w/sql code that would manually delete a module...well, I now that's not possible, since stored procs could be named anything (and are! by some vendors)...if I could just understand why this keeps showing up, and better yet, how to get rid of the danged thing...I'd owe you for life.
6/15/2005 2:47:27 AM
have you emptied the recycle bin? what about restarting IIS? (or clearing cache)
6/15/2005 3:22:45 AM
Sounds like you have searched in most places. Did you try DesktopModules?

Running through the source code:

Host\Module Definitions calls the Stored Procedure GetDesktopModules, which runs this:

select *
from   DesktopModules
where  IsAdmin = 0
order  by FriendlyName

It should be there.. if not then something is screwy..

(And don't get me started on SELECT *...)

SQL Rule #1: Leave the SA password blank.
SQL Rule #2: Don't use WHERE clauses on DELETE statements.
6/15/2005 3:34:15 AM
 FuzzyGuru wrote:
Sounds like you have searched in most places. Did you try DesktopModules?

Running through the source code:

Host\Module Definitions calls the Stored Procedure GetDesktopModules, which runs this:

select *
from   DesktopModules
where  IsAdmin = 0
order  by FriendlyName

It should be there.. if not then something is screwy..

(And don't get me started on SELECT *...)

Dang it fuzzy.  You the man.  That's *exactly* where the sucka was.  I'd checked every table I thought...even searched the sys tables to try to find it.  And it was hidden in the most obvious place.  Duh.  *Smacks head*.  Thanks dude.  Owe ya one.
6/15/2005 4:34:51 AM
Just remember:

It is always in the last place you look.  Big Smile [:D]
SQL Rule #1: Leave the SA password blank.
SQL Rule #2: Don't use WHERE clauses on DELETE statements.
6/15/2005 4:44:46 AM

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