Best file upload/download module for large file


i need a module for uploading and downloading file froma dnn 2.x or 3.x site.
I would like to know if is there some module that is able to transfer large file (1GB or more)
Thanks in advance
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Speerio has a very nice module called file manager pro.  He is working on the new version and it looks awesome.  (Been beta testing)  As for a 1 GB file, the best way to handle this is FTP.  In my opinion, anything even near 50 MB or greater should only be transfered this way.  Any module that would be able to support a large upload like this would need to open a new thread and run as a background process, otherwise your request would time out.
Chris Paterra

3/8/2005 2:32:06 PM
The problem that you can more often find is legacy to the application timeout and server timeout during upload.  If you have need not often to upload large files on server you can make a upload through ftp and manually write the "Files" table on the DB in order to make to find it from DNN in the connections to the rows.

Ciao Cetalfio
3/8/2005 7:48:38 PM
You can find some libraries on GotDotNet. They even have a progress indicator.

I've tried one of them (Sunrise, I think) but be very careful on what you do with it on your code. It's based on a HttpModule, so every get/post is passigin throught the module=additional overhead. Also one of the modules rises a lot of exceptions...
3/10/2005 6:55:59 AM

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