Another wierd occurence. DNN modules fail on one machine and work on another.

I am working with a patner to add content to a couple of portals.

I created a tab for just the 2 of us as admistrators for file storage, calendar, tasks, etc.
Every module on the page fails for him on his PC and returns server errors but works great from my PC. We are working only a few miles apart.
clicking on an image in the free simple image gallery does nothing.
clicking on a download in the free downloads module returns a server error.
creating an event and trying to enter multiple dates returns a server error.
Every once in a while he can't even get to the web site without a server error but it works fine from my computer. We both use the same browser version.
I have reported every web outage he has seen to the hosting company and they have seen no server problems.
Anyone have a clue why this is happening? Could it be a DNS issue? Should I start from scratch and delete everything and start over?

5/6/2004 3:25:26 PM
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I've seen this happen with personal firewalls specifically Norton Internet Security.
I believe it is to do with blocking headers/cookies etc.
Hope this helps,
5/6/2004 4:51:34 PM
Ahhh.  I see said the blind man.

This fits the quite well. I am behind a NAT router, he is using software firewall.
I will have to investigate further.
5/6/2004 5:16:57 PM
forgot to mention.  Love your modules and would like to see some for Ver2

Also this is a bit off topic.
Have you heard of anyone using the homeseer pluggin you have on your site for home theater purposes. I have not seen much homeseer material mentioned over at
5/6/2004 5:25:53 PM