Adding Customised Modules In DotNetNuke Portal

Sorry for my ignorance, but im a newbie to this portal.

Ive been using the IBuySpy Portal (sorry) and have developed some new modules as part of my development. I like the new menu structure of the DNN portal as it enables us to add more modules/tabs that the IBuySpy Portal can comfortably display.
How do I go about adding new modules (ascx files) to the DNN portal? as ive been unsuccessfull to date, could someone give me some instructions
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i am making a module in my local machine in which i configured DNN3.1.0 and it is working properly.I made it in C#.Now issue is that i have to add that module throughVPN since i have to integrate my module in a development machine which is physical only one way to add is to add it through VPN only.but if i add same Module it gives error An unhandeled error occur while the loading of module on DNN.I follow these steps while doin itFirstly i create a .Ascx control which i add in System. and then make its interface through HTML and when i click on design it shows its interface in w...

Adding simple module to dotnetnuke
I want to add some functionality to a portal site. I would like to create a simple form that allows the user to enter a first and last name into text boxes,then click a button. I will pass the first and last names as parameters in a url to an existing program that will return a new webpage with the results. Would I just build this in a winform? (Dang, I hate starting at the bottom again!) Thanks, John John, To answer your question, no you would not build a winform. You would need to build a module project that contains a web user control (.ascx file). There are several...

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Image not visible in a C# module added to DotNetNuke.
Hi,      I have added a C# sample image module. In this module it simply consists of a Image. <IMG id="samImage" alt="" src="Images\QBOSERD-1.jpg">. I just palced a image tag in the HTML design view. Myproblem is when the page is loaded i am able to view the image after logining as "host" image is not visible a small 'x' is being placed in place of a image. I will be very thankfull on any advice. The problem is with your path. The path the images directory under dotnetnuke is /DotNetNuke/Images/myImage.gif.But just to be clear, you should not be st...

Adding VB.NET modules to C# portal
I need to add some VB.NET modules to my C# portal. Does anyone have any info on how to do this? I've foung a couple of posts but am still stumped. I know I need to create a new project in VS.NET for the .vb files but I'm not sure what to put in the project. Is it just the .vb files? What about the .aspx files that are meant to replace files in the portal? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks. You can add the aspx files to the new project for clarity and making it easy to use. On the C# portal you need to include a reference to the new project that you created. In visual studio there ...

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Hi guys i have develope a child portal with the Name "cui" under dotnetnuke.I access my portal with the url "http://localhost/dotnetnuke/cui/default.aspx".I have also added two alias for my Portal which arelocalhost/dotnetnuke/cuilocalhost/cuiCan I access it with different Url like the followinghttp://localhost/cui/default.aspxhow can I do that.Plz help me is very urgent.Looking ur responses. Thank in advance.take care,Bye. I'm no expert, but I don't think this will work because the way IIS (or any web server) handles the http header.  In your situation, dotnetnuke web ap...

Google Ads module as seen on
What module is used for the 'links' currently rendering google ads on Is that a text/HTML module with the appropriate snippet of google iframe code? Can anyone excerpt the relevant HTML (sans adsense account info, obviously) that is used to implement this cleanly in dotnetnuke? Thanks. just sign up @ , they'll provide you with the javascript once your account is active. You can then add it via a text/html module (make sure you add it in basic mode, as the text editor will strip javascript). Alternatively, there are some modules wh...

Installing a DotNetNuke Module in the Portal Starter Kit
Hi, I'm new to ASP.Net, so apologies if this is a basic question. I have created my own portal using the Portal Stater Kit and added modules to it. We are looking at a product Sigma-Pro by which seems to be written for DotNetNuke, as it has a .dnn file, and i have successfully added it to my sample DotNetNuke. We would like to add it to our portal based on the Starter Kit, but are not sure how this can be done. I think the .dnn file is basically am MSI which creates the database and installs the relevant modules, so do i just have to do this all manuall...

Dotnetnuke banner ad in the the banner module
How do I cahnge or turn off the default banner ad in the banner module? Thanks.... Jeff In DNN 3.0.12 under the Admin menu >> Site Settings >>Advanced Settings >>Other Settings there are "Banner Advertising" options that can be set to "None", "Site" or "Host". Also, there is a core module that displays banners. There are "Banner Options" within the module.    ...

DotNetNuke Portal: Why nothing is changed after I customize the existing modules?
I am pretty new for and portal. Does any one can help me? I really appreciate. 1. I tried to modify some vb files for existing modules, i.e. register.ascx.vb, but nothing has been changed after I made the changes. I wondered if I have to compile it. How? I am using Macromedia Dreamwaver MX to edit files now. 2. I have an aspx file, it works fine, I created a new ascx file for new module and I tried to convert aspx file to ascx file for that new module but it didn’t work. The new module is on the web site but I got the error message. When it load the ascx file. Any idea? Y...

Create DotNetNuke Module Failed Using
Hello, I am trying to customise a module for dotnetnuke. When i open the Dotnetnuke Visual Studio.Net solution file (C:\DotNetNuke\Solutions\DotNetNuke.DesktopModules\DotNetNuke.D esktopModules.sln), I got an error The Selected file is not a valid Visual Studio solution file. Why is it so!!! Can anyone help me. I get the help on how to customise a dotnetnuke module from Your Help is appreciated..............

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I'm working on a project at my university. Now I'm trying to add CMS.NET as a module to DotNetNuke version 3.0.13. Anyone have any idea, please share it with me and other people? Thanks in advance. Hi what is CMS.NET?McKelt Solutions are you talking about the contracting estimating software I think you will have to get some source code for that from the companyDylan Barberread my stupid blog Hi all,I though that every one knew CMS.NET. Sorry for that. It's a content management system written by Stephen Fraser, and it comes with the book: Real World ASP.NE...

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I'm working on a project at my university. Now I'm trying to add CMS.NET as a module to DotNetNuke. Anyone has any idea, please share it with me and other people. Thanks in advance. What is CMS.NET?View My Blog Download My URL Rewriter and Reverse ProxyOnly $9.95/month, ASP.NET, 2GB & SQL 2005 You can go to DotNetNuke forum, subforum Custom Modules, the same title can be seen there.>>>> DotNetNuke>>>> Custom Modules  ...

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Where can I find detailed information or tutorials on how to create DNN 2.x modules? Fernando Durán My favourite introductory tutorial is at dnn Jungle. There are templates and code generation to make developing simpler modules easier. I've found them a great starting point for DNN development. Try for development framework (guide and well used templates) (handcoded toolkit) Visit - index of DNN threads - hand picked quali...

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