3.1.0 to 3.1.1

Ok... I did the following:

1) made a backup of the web.config.
2) extract the 3.1.1 package over the 3.1.0 package at the host.
3) replaced the 3 keys in the web.config (the sql, MachineValidationKey, and MachineEncryptionKey)
4) I then browsed to the site.

It took a little longer than normal to open up the site... no messages or anything.  I was looking at some things and I noticed that the log viewer doesn't look the same as another 3.1.1 install... and under host / host settings the DotNetNuke version showing is 3.1.0.  I would have thought the upgrade would have changed that as well.

Any thoughts?  I am not certain I am really running on 3.1.1.


9/17/2005 1:03:15 AM
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It sounds like it didn't update - I'm having a challenge on a couple of sites - 
When it updates, the screens should go through the same process as the installation, installing the modules - and then, when upgraded, the 3.1.1 copyright will display across the top meaning you have to log in and uncheck the box under host settings.

Just check the dnn.config file in the install folder - you might try deleting it and going through the process again.

Nina Meiers
Nina Meiers

Free Skins & Containers by Nina Meies
9/17/2005 4:13:20 AM
The dnn.config didn't have anything other than the following:


I deleted it and went back to the main domain of the site and still nothing...

How do you make it go through the install?

9/17/2005 4:30:10 AM

Try this:

- Set AutoUpgrade in web.config to False and save the web.config
- Then use this link : http://<webservername>/Install/Install.aspx?mode=Upgrade

(where you replace <webservername> with your own location (like localhost or your website's name)

Geert Veenstra
9/17/2005 5:45:12 AM
Ok... I did this.  And after a 30 second wait it comes back to a blank screen.  no messages or anything.

Doesn't appear to have done anything.

Do I need reset anything... it just doesn't seem to do anything.

9/17/2005 6:38:18 AM

You get the blank screen when there is nothing to upgrade.

You could look at the assembly version and the database version with :


The assembly should say 3.1.1, otherwise you need to recopy the files from 3.1.1

To rerun the upgrade :

- change the web.config setting AutoUpgrade to false
- change the web.config setting UseDnnConfig to false
- remove the 3.1.1 record from the version table
- browse to http://<servername>/install/install.aspx?mode=none (the assembly should say 3.1.1, database should say 3.1.0) (you might get the UnderConstruction page first , just refresh to get to the version page)
- upgrade using the link on the version page
- change the web.config setting UseDnnConfig back to true (and also AutoUpgrade if you want).

I must say that I never use the AutoUpgrade function since you will not have any control when a user browses your site and starts the upgrade (when you are maybe still copying files to the server)

Geert Veenstra
9/17/2005 8:56:32 AM
1) Here is what http://<servername>/install/install.aspx?mode=none gives me:

Database Not Compatible with current Application version
Current Assembly Version: 03.01.00
Current Database Version: 03.01.00

Upgrade DotNetNuke
Current Settings
Default Provider SqlDataProvider
Connection String Server=..............................................................
..NET Framework Version   1.1.4322.2300
Windows User ABJH-WIN10\..........
Host Name abjh-win10

2) The record in the version table has the following: Major = 1, Minor = 1, Build = 0, CreatedDate = 09/09/05.
It looks like it shows the old version 3.1.0.  Should I still delete it since it is not the 3.1.1???

3) The dnn.config file shows:

I don't get it... this thing just doesn't want to upgrade.

Wait... Ok... found the problem.  I was sending up the contents of the new 3.1.1 as a zipfile and having the hsphere file manager to extract the file.  It acted as if it was expanding successfully, but something apparently was not.  Not sure what because when I manually checked many of the files it looked like it was indeed extracting up there... anyway I decided to FTP all of the individual files and FINALLY it sees the 3.1.1 assembly and allowed me to upgrade.

I did 2 other sites the same way and they worked fine.  Very strange.  Unfortunately I won't probably ever know what was missing since the extract of the zip file claimed to have completed successfully with the file manager on hsphere.

Well... now that it at least claims to be 3.1.1 I have another question.

When the upgrade took place it listed items I guess it was upgrading... it didn't look like ALL of the modules that were already installed and was wondering if it should have upgraded all modules that existed as a part of the core or would it only do certain ones?


9/17/2005 8:29:48 PM
The more I think about the upgrade and possible modules not being upgraded, the more I am concerned.  WHY?

Well... I have experienced the problem on the 3.1.0 version where not all the core modules get installed.  I have also experienced this with a new 3.1.1 install.  In both cases I have simply installed them via the module definitions as a host.  This makes me wonder if I have manually installed the modules on 3.1.0l and then upgrade to 3.1.1 (which appears to have the same problem with installing all modules) does the upgrade properly get all the modules upgraded????  

How do I know that the modules have properly upgraded?  Is there something I can check to verify the really did upgrade along with any database changes for them???

Maybe there isn't a problem, but because of the problems (missing core modules) I have seen on every install of 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 it makes me a little worried if all of the installed core modules get upgraded.


9/18/2005 2:46:15 AM
9/19/2005 5:06:54 PM

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