New module - Manage Users 2.0.0 For DNN 1.0.10e and DNN 2.0.4

Module:  ITSCS Manage Users 2.0.0 For DNN 1.0.10e and DNN 2.0.4 (with source)

ITSCS Manage Users PRO v.2.0 allows for enhanced bulk and individual management of users and roles in DotNetNuke single or multi-portal setup.
This Module is a must-have tool for portal administrators with large numbers of users and roles - especially in multiportal setups.
Now you can:
Search user database by:
- Login,
- First Name
- Last Name
- Email
- Created Date
- Authorized/not authorized
- Portals (global search if user is host or portals that the user is admin of)
- Role membership of selected portal (multiple selections allowed - this enables you to search for particular role membership combinations on any portal)
Order your searches by:
- Login
- First Name
- last Name
- Portal
- E-mail
- Last login date
- Account creation date
- Country
- Region
- City
- Zip Code
Manage Users:
- edit user data
- add new users
- delete users
- add user to role/roles
- remove user from role/roles
- bulk add users to role/roles
- bulk remove users from role/roles
- bulk add users to another portal/portals
- bulk delete users
Manage roles:
- view roles by portal,
- add new roles by portal,
- edit roles by portal,
- delete roles by portal,
- add new role to single or multiple portals with an option to add to all portals*
- copy roles between portals,
- bulk add user (or users) to role (roles),
- bulk copy role (or roles) between portals,
- bulk remove roles from portal (portals) *
* will be available in next version

Host account is NOT visible in Manage Users. If you want to edit the host account you have to use admin core functionality.
Ordinary users (not administrators or hos) granted access to the module can only view and manage user accounts - they will not see Host or Adminstators.
Ordinary users can NOT edit or use bulk actions on users and roles.
Administrators of any portal (portals) can manage only users and roles from this portal (portals). For other portals the same restrictions as those of ordinary users will apply.
Only host can edit and bulk manage administrative accounts of any portal.
Ordinary users on the current portal can view only non-administrative roles.
Any user granted acces to the module can view and edit his own account.
This module has been tested only with DNN 1.0.10e and DNN 2.0.4
The module is a standard Private Assembly Module and was compiled under VS.NET 2003, Framework 1.1.
(You may need to recompile on version 1.0 if that is what you are running)
Purchasers will receive support by E-mail, ICQ, MSN and Forum in English, German, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian.

Screenshoot 1
Screenshoot 2
Screenshoot 3
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Screenshoot 5
The module is available on Snowcovered as both PA only and full source.
The package contains versions for DNN 1.0.10x and for DNN 2.0.4



Membership Management Suite

Multi Portal User Sharing
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