Document Version Control Module

Is there any module available (preferably the free one) which support document version control just like sharepoint document library.

Naveen Bhatia
7/19/2006 4:26:58 AM 4559 articles. 0 followers. Follow

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Have a look at DMX and free DMX lite from Peter Donker at Bring2Mind.
Sebastian Leupold
gamma concept mbH

DeutschNetNuke = DotNetNuke in German

DNN Project UserDefinedTable
7/21/2006 8:41:52 AM
Thanks Sebastian

7/21/2006 9:02:16 AM

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This site appears to be the most comprehensive list of free custom modules: Any other sites? I do like how Rainbow gives you a bucket of them - saves a lot of time over having to snoop around and find some of the DNN ones. Is there also a way to list modules as "certified"? Also - is there a decent repository of skins? I have recently installed version 2.0. Sure wish there were more modules ready for it! That would make it much easier to evaluate the program and give recommendations to my boss. The reason there aren't more 2.0 modules yet is becasue it h...

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Hi!Everyone! I come from Taiwan. I've used DotNetNuke Version 1.0.10d for few days, and I tried to translate it into Chinese. But I got two problems about using it. First, if I uploaded a file with Chinese file name in Documents Module, when the users tried to download this file, the file name will be changed in eight codes.(Sorry,I don't know how to express it. I've gotten the picture of it. Please refer to the page : ) The problem is in the file : admin/Portal/LinkClick.aspx.vb: Response.AppendHeader("conten...

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