Customizing Registration module


I want to customize Registration module. Here are the following steps I followed but not been able to point to my new page created.

1. Created a new module called Registration.

2. Added control having the source Admin/Security/RegistrationForm.ascx

3. Gave the control name as Register.

4. I did not go to make any changes in Admin/Skins/User.ascx.vb since register link url was NavigateURL("Register"). I changed the control key but its not reflecting.

I know I am missing something here but not been able to find out. Could someone help me out please? I need this help very urgently as I am nearing my deadline. Any help would be appreciated


Mangala Bhat




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I have done a little work on this and could help you out but I think the easiest way is to edit the manageusers pages and tweak the stored procs if you dont mind doing that for the whole system otherwise I would go with this from snowcovered and software for u or whatever its called

Dylan Barber
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3/29/2005 6:22:02 PM

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