Aggregator 4.0 - New Version - Tab and Localize Modules

Hi all, just wanted to let you know about the latest release of our Aggregator module. Stop by and download a free trial.


Aggregator (Tabbed Modules) is a flexible module that acts as a tabbed container or localization container for 1 or more modules.

New to version 4.0 (DNN3,DNN4 only):

Multiple modules per tab

  • Choose the 'Add new tab from module' option to pick a module and have it add the tab and module at the same time
  • You can insert a break after any module to move it down below the previous module for positioning


  • Any tab or module can be defined specific to a locale so it only shows for users in that locale.
  • All locales (the default) shows always
  • Fallback locale only shows if it's only module or tab left after deciding on whether to show any specific locales. For instance, you could have an NL-NL tab and a Fallback tab. If you were logged in as NL-NL locale then it would only show the NL-NL tab, the fallback would not be shown. Conversely, if you are logged in as anything other than NL-NL, then it would only show the fallback tab


  • If this option is selected, then Prev/Next buttons will be shown. To change the Prev/Next text, edit the App_LocalResources/Aggregator.ascx.resx file (for English) or it's localized alternative for other languages

Hide Single Tabs

  • If this option is selected and there ever happens to be a single tab (either because only 1 tab is defined or 1 tab is left after the localizations are determined) then the tab will not be shown essentially making it appear as a normal module. This is useful if you wanted to localize a text/html module for 5 different locales. You could add a single tab, add 5 text/html modules each for a different locale (actually 4 locales and a fallback) and when it is rendered, you wouldn't see a tab at all just the specific text/html module that applies to the locale of the user

Tab Skin

  • Skinning has been simplified with the use of a skins directory beneath the DestopModules/DNNStuff - Aggregator folder. Each folder below that is a skin, and includes subfolders for Top,Bottom,Left,Right and Inline. The skin has to have a styles.css file and any images it needs in these folders. The most complex example of this would be the BlueSteel skin. This will make it much easier to bundle skins together and deploy them without having to edit a module.css file etc.
  • The old 'theme' skinning syntax still works and if you upgrade from an older version it will maintain this setting although you have the option to override to the new skinning ability

Active Hover

  • If this option is selected, the tabs will be automatically selected whenever the user hovers over them. Your users will absolutely love this feature!!!

New Features include:

  • Nested tabs - Aggregator modules may be nested within each other for a multi-level drill down effect (See sample here)
  • Customized captions - Tab captions can be individually customized with images, text or replacement text using predefined tokens

Features include:

  • Saves valuable screen real estate by wrapping any number of DotNetNuke modules within a tabbed interface
  • Each tab takes on the name of the module that it wraps
  • Since module titles are not necessary when shown in tabs, you can automatically hide all your module titles with a single setting
  • All tab changes are client-side so there is no postback to slow your users down or tie up your server
  • Selected tabs stay selected even if you move back and forth through the site


  • Includes 5 different tab positions:
    • Top, Bottom, Right, Left and Inline
  • Infinitely customizable using CSS styles so you can match your site look and feel
  • You can provide styles for the following:
    • TabStrip - style applied to the container that the tabs are shown in
    • TabUnselected - style applied to the unselected tabs
    • TabSelected - style applied to the selected tab
    • TabMouseOver - style applied when mousing over any unselected tabs
    • TabPage - style applied to the pages containing your modules
  • Styles are grouped into themes, so all you have to do is specify a single theme name to switch all 5 styles at once
  • Tab rights mimic the modules they contain and will only show if the user has the proper privileges


  • Tab look and feel are only limited by your imagination.
  • Take a look at the sample page for just a few of the many looks you can achieve.

Richard Edwards
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