Why I can't login in 'host' or 'admin' account when i upgrade to 3.1.1 from 3.1.0

I unzip DNN3.1.1 package and conver to my DNN original directory (ver 3.1.0) and install successfully.
But when i login in 'host' or 'admin' account, it display 'Login Failed' ,so i tried to clean cookies in IE and also delete my portal aliases in C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files\. But it still can't login by any account.
Anyone have an idea what's wrong?
9/11/2005 4:10:48 PM
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I can't swear to this, but it seems I've had problems in the past with account resets in this situation. Have you tried logging in as Host with the default password "host"?
9/11/2005 7:25:04 PM
Check the Encrytption keys to make sure they are the same as they were
before the updated, if they are not DNN cannot decrypt the orginal
users passwords and therefore none of the existing user will be able to

S. Shawn Mehaffie
PC Resources, LLC
9/12/2005 3:36:14 AM
Hi There,

I had the same issue and my post was answered on how to get everything working again after upgrading.

Check out http://forums.asp.net/1048435/ShowPost.aspx

I hope you backed up your web.config file.



9/12/2005 4:25:21 AM

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