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Is it possible to upload any/some video files? I tried to add file extentions under the host settings but it didn't work. Wonder if if it's possible in dnn to upload any video files?

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It is possible to upload files of any extension (as far as I know).  You might be hitting a file size constraint?  I've never tried uploading any really huge files - maybe someone else with comment about that?
-doug, Powerhouse Data
10/27/2005 1:14:44 PM
Yes, you can upload video files.  I've uploaded them and used with
core modules as well as MediaGallery.  By default, DNN has a max
upload size of 8MB.  This setting is is the web.config.  If
you look for     <httpRuntime
useFullyQualifiedRedirectUrl="true" maxRequestLength="8192" />

Change the maxRequestLength to something larger.  The only other issue you may run into is a problem with IIS timing out.  I believe it defaults to around 2 minutes.  So depending on your connection speed, you may be limited there...

Hope this helps...

Russel Stieb
Orizonti Group, Inc.
10/27/2005 3:09:16 PM
Hi thanks for the reply. My file size is around 10M. I uploaded even bigger files to the same server. I heard from somewhere that DNN does not support video file upload. I would like to confirm this and also would like to know if there is any alternatives.

10/27/2005 4:21:07 PM
As long as the file extension is listed in the "File Upload Extensions", you can upload it. The person that gave you that bit of 'mis-information' could not be more wrong. The file name/extension/mime-type is transparent to DNN.


Net Data Design
10/27/2005 5:27:16 PM
Thanks for the help. I tested again and it worked. It is a file size issue. I am so glad that I don't have to worry about the file format!
10/28/2005 2:44:30 AM

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