Will migration from 2.1.2 to 2.2 be possible?

I was wondering if there will be plans to easily migrate from DNN 2.1.2 to DNN 2.2? I say easily because some people run thousands of portals on 1 DNN system. There should be an easy way to automatically migrate from old DNN to new.
Is there going to be plans to allow this? If so, how will it work? Will any downsides exist?
How about existing 2.1.2 skins and modules. Will they all work in DNN 2.2?
How about the user model. Does that change in DNN 2.2? Right now its 1 username for the entire DNN server. Does DNN 2.2 have usernames unique to portals? If so, how will you handle the migration of users in 2.1.2?

10/7/2004 10:52:32 PM
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Timx4 ~

The DotNetNuke core (and core modules) will always upgrade from one version to the next. Simple matter of moving the code in and allowing the application to restart. The DB is automatically upgraded as the site restarts.
The difficulty is integrated 3rd party modules. The next version of DNN is (unfortunately) going to introduce some changes which will break most 2.x modules... so upgrading is going to be a bit more complex. This problem was unavoidable (view post 713771). So it may be a short while before everyone can upgrade... new portals can start out with the new version, but sites that have heavy reliance on 3rd party modules are going to have to wait for their module providers to upgrade also.
Skins should be unaffected unless they utilize skin objects which are affected by the changes mentioned above (this should be very few).
I believe the user model will convert straight across, although I'll defer to Dan to answer about that.
Scott Willhite
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10/8/2004 7:29:58 AM
Thanks for the very good response mrswoop, I appreciate it.
10/8/2004 2:56:19 PM
Hi, can you give me your email? I would like to have some advise from you about hosting TTTT

elevocm at netcabo dot com
10/10/2004 3:49:01 AM
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