Skin not working correctly on Web Server running Server 2003 Web Edition

    I am running DotNetNuke version 3.0.13 on both my personal computer (for development) and on our production web server.  My PC is running Windows XP Professional with service pack 2 installed.  My production web server is running Windows Server 2003 Web Edition with only service pack 1 installed.  The skin we are using is a slightly altered version of the DNN Blue skin that comes with the Nuke installation.  To be safe, I always test out a new skin on my development copy of the nuke before putting it into production.  There have been no problems applying this skin to my development copy of the Nuke and I can browse the site with different computers using different browsers and all looks good.  However, if I browse our production Nuke with FireFox the menu bar at the top gets double layered.  What I mean is instead of having just one bar at the top with the menu options, there are 2 bars and when you hover over one of the options the drop down choices are spaced out way to far from eachother.  When I browse the same production site with Internet Explorer it looks like it is supposed to, so I'm guessing there is something different about the version of IIS running on the web server or something to do with the difference in operating system that is keeping FireFox from being able to interpret the skin properly.  I would really like to correct this because our site looks awful when viewed with FireFox which is my preferred  browser.  Thanks.
6/6/2006 3:03:55 PM
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