Why does this work in VB.NET but not C#?

I'm using the Club Starter Kit and the issue is with the PageNumberer object that implements a WebControl. I've converted it to C# and have most of it working except for the PageNumberer object.

Here is the VB.NET code:

1            Public Event SelectedPageChanged As EventHandler
3            Public Sub RaisePostBackEvent(ByVal eventArgument As String) Implements System.Web.UI.IPostBackEventHandler.RaisePostBackEvent
4                Dim newPage As Integer
5                If Integer.TryParse(eventArgument, newPage) Then
7                    Me.SelectedPage = newPage
8                    OnSelectedPageChanged(EventArgs.Empty)
9                End If
10           End Sub
12           Protected Overridable Sub OnSelectedPageChanged(ByVal e As EventArgs)
13               RaiseEvent SelectedPageChanged(Me, e)
14           End Sub

Here is the C# code:

1            public event EventHandler SelectedPageChanged;
3            void IPostBackEventHandler.RaisePostBackEvent(string eventArgument)
4            {
5                int newPage;
7                if (int.TryParse(eventArgument, newPage))
8                {
9                    this.SelectedPage = newPage;
10                   OnSelectedPageChanged(EventArgs.Empty);
11               }
12           }
14           protected override void OnSelectedPageChanged(EventArgs eventArgs)
15           {
16               SelectedPageChanged(this, eventArgs);
17           }

The issue is with OnSelectedPageChanged(). In VB.NET, it always works. However, in C#, the SelectedPageChanged event handler (line 16 in the C# code above) is always null. What is VB.NET doing behind the scenes to ensure that it points correctly to an event handler that exists?

I've searched all over the place and can't seem to understand how to get this to work in C#.



9/10/2008 5:51:26 PM
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VB implicitely create the handler. In C#, you need to check for null before you raise it, so make sure to use the "invoke" snippet (type invoke and hit tab) to see how to raise the event. Of course, the event will have to be wired up, too (if its a custom control you're making, remember that C# doesn't have the "handles" keyword, so you need to either wire it up manually using the += syntax, or to set AutoEventWireup (though that only works for page events, not your controls.. I'm mentionning it anyway for completeness sake)

9/10/2008 6:24:31 PM

When you force fire an event in c# you should always check for null like so.

if (SelectedPageChanged != null) SelectedPageChanged(this, eventArgs);

I would be that the reason its null is because no one has "signed up" to listen for the event.

Make sure that who ever needs this event is listening for it.

public Ctor()
     MyPageClass.SelectedPageChanged += new EventHandler<EventArgs>(handlerMethod);

Honestly, it's been a while. So, I'm not sure what this syntax is, but you get the pic. Hope it helps!


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9/10/2008 6:25:20 PM

I finally figured it out (and with some of the tips everyone gave). I had this all linked up to an ObjectDataSource object, but I forgot to also link in the PageNumberer to the ObjectDataSource parameters.

1                                <asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource1" runat="server" OnSelecting="ObjectDataSource1_Selecting"
2                                    SelectMethod="List" TypeName="SBAA.Web.News">
3                                    <SelectParameters>
4                                        <asp:ControlParameter DefaultValue="1" Name="pagenum" ControlID="pn1" PropertyName="SelectedPage" Type="Int32" />
5                                        <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="ddlSports" DefaultValue="0" Name="sportId" PropertyName="SelectedValue"
6                                            Type="Int32" />
7                                    </SelectParameters>
8                                </asp:ObjectDataSource>

In the example above, at line 4, I didn't have it as asp:ControlParameter, but as asp:Parameter. Every time I would attempt to change the page, the ObjectDataSource1_Selecting event handler would never get called, so the page numbers would change, but the data view would display the same first n records.

Thanks again for all the help!


9/10/2008 7:04:28 PM

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