Using ajax control (CollapsiblePanelExtender) in custom server control


I'm trying to write a server control that contains the collapsiblePanelExtender from the ajax toolkit.  But I have the following error when i try to show this control:

Extender control 'ctl00$contentHolder$ctl00$Ant_baseModule1_cpeDemo' is not a registered extender control. Extender controls must be registered using RegisterExtenderControl() before calling RegisterScriptDescriptors().

I have no idea what i must add or change to make it working.  Anyone who has an idea?  Or maybe I'm doing it all wrong?

This is my code:

   Protected Overrides Sub Render(ByVal output As HtmlTextWriter)

        'Detail Label
        Dim aDetailLabel As New Label
        aDetailLabel.ID = Me.UniqueID & "_lblHeaderDetails"
        aDetailLabel.Text = "(Show Details...)"

        'Header Panel
        Dim headerPanel As New Panel
        headerPanel.ID = Me.UniqueID & "_moduleHeader"

        'Content Panel
        Dim contentPanel As New Panel
        contentPanel.ID = Me.UniqueID & "_moduleContent"

        Dim headerImage As New Web.UI.WebControls.Image
        headerImage.ID = Me.UniqueID & "imgHeader"
        headerImage.ImageUrl = "~/images/expand_blue.jpg"

        'Add Content to header panel
        Dim aDiv As New LiteralControl
        aDiv.Text = "<div class=""cpeHeader"">"
        aDiv.Text &= "  <div class=""cpeHeaderTitle"">" & Title & "</div>"
        aDiv.Text &= "  <div class=""cpeHeaderDetails"">" & renderControlToString(aDetailLabel) & "</div>"
        aDiv.Text &= "  <div class=""cpeHeaderImage"">" & renderControlToString(headerImage) & "</div>"
        aDiv.Text &= "</div>"

        'Output header panel


        'Output Ajax functionality
        Dim collPanel As New AjaxControlToolkit.CollapsiblePanelExtender
        collPanel.ID = Me.UniqueID & "_cpeDemo"
        collPanel.TargetControlID = Me.UniqueID & "_moduleContent"
        collPanel.ExpandControlID = Me.UniqueID & "_moduleHeader"
        collPanel.CollapseControlID = Me.UniqueID & "_moduleHeader"
        collPanel.Collapsed = False
        collPanel.TextLabelID = Me.UniqueID & "_lblHeaderDetails"
        collPanel.ExpandedText = "(Hide Details...)"
        collPanel.CollapsedText = "(Show Details...)"
        collPanel.ImageControlID = "imgHeader"
        collPanel.ExpandedImage = "~/images/collapse_blue.jpg"
        collPanel.CollapsedImage = "~/images/expand_blue.jpg"
        collPanel.SuppressPostBack = True
        collPanel.Page = MyBase.Page

    End Sub

Thx for your help!

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I case somebody should be looking for a solution for this, I solved my problem by adding the extendercontrol (and others) in the PreRender method using controls.add and in de render method I just render the header control and the base control


1/26/2007 1:58:57 PM

Hi Andres

I am having the same problem and I can't find the correct combination of control rendered in the PreRender and Render method. When I tried to render the header control and the base control in Render method I received an error detailing that controls specified in TargetControlID and ExpandControlID don't exist.

Could you send me the code of your PreRender and Render method?

 Thanks in advance,


2/21/2007 2:28:05 PM

Hi Leonardo

In the prerender I add all the controls.  The trick is to declare your controls as private members and not as variables inside your prerender method!

Private contentPanel As New Panel
 Private collPanel As New AjaxControlToolkit.CollapsiblePanelExtender
 Private aDetailLabel As New Label
 Private headerPanel As New Panel
 Private aDiv As New LiteralControl

    Protected Overrides Sub Render(ByVal output As HtmlTextWriter)


    End Sub

    Private Sub Ant_baseModule_PreRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.PreRender


    End Sub

    Private Sub createModuleItems()

        'Detail Label
        aDetailLabel.ID = Me.UniqueID & Me.IdSeparator & "lblHeaderDetails"
        aDetailLabel.Text = "(Show Details...)"

        'Collapse Image
        Dim imgCollapse As New UI.WebControls.Image
        imgCollapse.ID = Me.UniqueID & Me.IdSeparator & "collapseImage"

        'Header Panel
        headerPanel.ID = Me.UniqueID & Me.IdSeparator & "moduleHeader"

        'Add Content to header panel
        aDiv.Text = "<div class=""cpeHeader"">"
        aDiv.Text &= "  <div class=""cpeHeaderTitle"">" & Title & "</div>"
        aDiv.Text &= "  <div class=""cpeHeaderDetails"">" & renderControlToString(aDetailLabel) & "</div>"
        aDiv.Text &= "<div class=""cpeHeaderImage"">" & renderControlToString(imgCollapse) & "</div>"
        aDiv.Text &= "</div>"

        'Output Ajax functionality
        collPanel.ID = Me.UniqueID & Me.IdSeparator & "cpeDemo"
        collPanel.TargetControlID = Me.UniqueID
        collPanel.ExpandControlID = Me.UniqueID & Me.IdSeparator & "moduleHeader"
        collPanel.CollapseControlID = Me.UniqueID & Me.IdSeparator & "moduleHeader"
        collPanel.Collapsed = False
        collPanel.TextLabelID = Me.UniqueID & Me.IdSeparator & "lblHeaderDetails"
        collPanel.ExpandedText = "(Hide Details...)"
        collPanel.CollapsedText = "(Show Details...)"
        collPanel.ImageControlID = Me.UniqueID & Me.IdSeparator & "collapseImage"
        collPanel.ExpandedImage = "~/images/collapse_blue.jpg"
        collPanel.CollapsedImage = "~/images/expand_blue.jpg"
        collPanel.SuppressPostBack = True
        collPanel.Page = MyBase.Page

    End Sub

 I hope it helps to fix your problem!


2/21/2007 3:02:52 PM

Hi Andres

Yes, this helps me a lot!

I had two errors:

- I was overriding RenderControl instead of Render
- The controls were variables into prerender method

The webparts currently render all the controls except CollapsiblePanelExtender. I can't find the client code generated by the control.

I am trying to find where is the problem located, however, thanks so much for your help!



2/21/2007 7:52:34 PM

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