How do you control the placement of controls in a user define control

I have a user define control.  I put the control on the (C# Visual Studio 2008) page where I want them. When I run the program, the controls are all over the page.  How do I place them where they do not move form where I put them?

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You'll need to study the HTML output and see what it's producing, then start to look at how to do an HTML layout.

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there are absolute and Relative position in html. I guess you must use relative position. For example, at design-time, you place a TextBox below an Image, at run-time, no matter what size is the image, the TextBox is alway below the image, so the TextBox's position in design-time and run-time is different.

You can get much greater detail in

Hope this can solve your problem.

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Hi there

Use (X)HTML _and_ CSS to positioning all Elements.

There is also the "static" as Default.

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hi, peter

i know there is also fixed position, but i don't know the "static".

Can you provide some links about it? Thank you.

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Hi there

Yep, fixed is too out here :)

static is de default value, see:

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