Help! Custom Server Control using User Control

I've been bashing my head for a few days on this problem. My Custom
Server Control loads the User Control and renders it properly.  But,
when I run the web application the controls (ex: buttons) from the User
Control is not firing the event (ex: a button click to change the
label's text)?

Here is a snippet of part of my code:
    Protected Overrides Sub CreateChildControls()
        plhPanel = New System.Web.UI.WebControls.PlaceHolder
        ContentFileLoaded = New System.Web.UI.UserControl

        For Each objPanel As jsPanel In aryPanels
            jsPanelId = "pid_" & Convert.ToString(objPanel.PanelId)
            jsContentId = jsPanelId & "_cid"

            If objPanel.ContentFile = Nothing Then
                plhPanel.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl(objPanel.Text))
                ContentFileLoaded = Me.Page.LoadControl(objPanel.ContentFile)
            End If
    End Sub

I'm guessing that maybe its not getting the controls from the User Control. Please Help Me!
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You must create the button click event for the custom server control.
Since the server control has been customized, you must declare and
define how the control would react when something is being clicked on
1/4/2006 9:59:59 AM
I don't know if I misunderstand your reply. I made my own control created from the "Web Control Library." My Custom Server Control receives the User Control file path (ex: content/page1.ascx) given from the Web Form (ex: default.aspx.vb). The Custom Server Control then renders the User Control. The problem is all the children controls in the User Control (ex: buttons, labels, textboxes) are not firing?
1/4/2006 4:25:42 PM

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